Rubber Machinery moment: guide international affair line

Published on 2018-11-26

In the meeting of October 19 to 22 in Sanming, Fujian China rubber machinery 2015 Annual Conference of international experience exdisplace meeting, China Chemical Equipment Asthereforeciation Professional Committee of rubber machinery Zhang Hongbo, said:  "International affair is China's rubber machinery in the current state the most impperformanceive way. "

  Zhang Hongbo said that although the country is the largest result inr of rubber machinery, but rely mainly on the domestic market, the export delivery value of sales revenue accounted for less than 15%, narrow exports concentrated in Southeast Asia and other less developed countries and regions, on the other rubber manufperformanceuring country exports very little. In the case of a serious decline in the domestic tire investment, China's rubber machinery exports should incralleviate efforts in foreign Amoy to "real money." At identical time, enterprises should strive to "go out" to construct or acquire companies abroad. China's rubber machinery as long as truly international, market space is magnified many, there will be "Willowbank Hua-ming Yau Yat Chuen" scene.

  Soft Control Co., Ltd. President Jiang Cheng family thinks that in today's provide vaster than ask state, China's rubber machinery manufperformanceurers must make strategic adjustments, to displace the current state of over-reliance on the domestic market, will be enlargeed to global horizons, to add to elevate enlarge expand international competitiveness.

  Jiang Cheng family, said that with China's economic slowdown, reducing capital investment, anti-dumping calculates in particular, the United States and other countries of the tire exports suffered heavy losses, Chinese tire structural overability and ask become more prominent.Major domestic tire production enterprises operating rate of no more than 70% in the first half, steel and semi-steel tire production shrinkd by 6% and 13% over last year. Dongying numerous affair failures or tire affair serious difficulties. Tire industry downturn seriously impaird investor confidence, and this year China is roughly no domestic tire on depend on date projects, planning of multiple projects last year altherefore paused. Banks under the tire industry to restricted policy, investment projects is difficult to reach financing, the tire company's existing funds are mainly used to insist the affair, not to rush to invest. Reducing investment projects, making rubber machinery industry, a serious shortage of orders. In addition, the world's chief rubber machinery enterprises in China have incralleviated the layout or to incralleviate investment, optimize or service, or to stretch the sales force. Opponents have to the door, Chinese rubber machinery affair thought "housing side, ithereforelated" days are unrealistic.

  Guilin Rubber Machinery Fperformanceory sales manager Zhang Yujiang assert, to explore the international market is the vital to survival and advance, is to boost the technological evolvement of the accelerator, the catalyst is enterprises to enhance product perthereforenality. Guilin Rubber Machinery at 2015, the domestic tire industry downturn, extreme weakness in ask for rubber machinery market state, made more than 200 million yuan of foreign orders to assure the survival and advance of enterprises. Through international operations, the plant nurtured only realizes skill technique but altherefore realizes the complex storynt job, technical level achieveed a depend on date level, product standards with international standards, enhance product perthereforenality, fast and stable.