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Rubber machinery market situation, what is the advantage

Published on 2018-11-26

Rubber machinery market situation, what is the advantage of hot sales revenue 23 major rubber machinery manufacturers in China to 32.1.3 billion yuan, the 19 year-on-year growth.2%, extrapolate rubber machinery in China in the first half of the total sales revenue reached 43.400 million yuan, up 19% from last year in the same year.The tire industry a new round of expansion, the strong rebound in demand for rubber machinery.Rubber machinery in our country present hot, customer delivery order hot

In 2018 China rubber machinery industry development present situation analysis of new technology and new products are constantly emerging

Published on 2018-11-26

The global rubber machinery report 2017: the situation of continued warming of the journal of the European rubber rubber machine (which) in April 2017, released 2017 annual report the global rubber machinery.According to the report, the world rubber machinery industry sales revenue in 2015, a slight drop in negative growth after a clearly unbalanced development features.From the enterprise, has a high technology enterprise is much better to traditional products enterprise;From the region in east

Character: leading rubber machinery made in China

Published on 2018-11-26

Last month on the 18th, in sha county garden fujian sands China rubber automatic control technology co., LTD., production workshop, the companys chief designer, senior engineer Liu Caisheng bent on command hydraulic vulcanizing machine installation and debugging.Immediate Liu Caisheng dressed in overalls and dark eyes appearing a little tired, his lips a wisp of beard could trim.One side of the technical staff told reporters, ;Liu Caisheng 50 years old, sha county.Studied at sanming chemical mac

In 2014 Chinas top ten ranking rubber machinery company

Published on 2018-11-26

In recent years, despite the world financial crisis, the influence of rubber machinery industry development speed slow, but economic indicators remain steady growth.Due to the stable industry demand, is expected for a long time, industry will continue to maintain rapid growth.Five-year Planning is put forward, in rubber industry the industry gross value of industrial output doubled, to 1.2 trillion yuan, the industry average annual growth rate of 15%, than 11th five-year plan Period 35% growth f

Rubber machinery industry development and the present situation of our country

Published on 2018-11-26

Rubber machine is used to manufacture tires of various rubber products such as machinery, including general rubber machinery, tires and other rubber products mechanical three categories.Rubber machinery industry is developed with rubber processing industry at the same time establish and manufacturing industry.Rubber machinery industry in China has experienced from scratch, hard and tortuous development.After years of effort, since the reform and opening up on the basis of the weak, through conti

To introduce the kinds of rubber machinery

Published on 2018-11-26

Rubber machine is used to manufacture tires of various rubber products such as machinery, including general rubber machinery, tires and other rubber products mechanical three categories.General rubber machinery: general rubber machinery is a preparation of rubber or semi-finished products, including raw material processing machinery, rubber mixing machine, extrusion machine, rolling machine, shade canvas pretreatment device and cutting machine, etc.Tire machinery: this kind of machinery includin

The occurrence of rubber mechanical injury accident and prevention measures

Published on 2018-11-26

Rubber machinery usually refers to the rubber products manufacturing and processing used in general machinery, such as open rubber mixing machine, enclosed rubber mixing machine, rubber cutting machine, rolling machine, extruder, etc.In addition, according to industry segment also includes special processing machinery, rubber machinery, such as tire machinery, shoe-making machinery, latex products, such as machinery, rubber machinery.In this paper, the analysis of mechanical injury accident is m

How to improve the stability of rubber machinery technology

Published on 2018-11-26

By absorbing and trade with the world famous rubber company, China rubber conveying machinery has been great progress, has the independent innovation ability.Rubber machinery in China is not the traditional Fair Leads the world, the price performance ratio has other rubber machinery manufacturers.In equipment procurement and bidding, and to the world famous tire company of vulcanizing machine, mixer and other fleet type products tend to use Chinese products.Chinas fleet type rubber machinery suc

Car tire should by whose recall

Published on 2018-11-26

A few days ago, from the country qualitative check total bureau learns, 2016 1-12 month, the car that its receive always complains a quantity to be 10018.

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