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Car tire should by whose recall

Published on 2018-01-19

A few days ago, from the country qualitative check total bureau learns, 2016 1-12 month, the car that its receive always complains a quantity to be 10018. Among them, feng Tian, Ford, Xue Folan, masses is 4 complain most brand, each complain a quantity to exceed 1000. General benefit department connects tire to be complained repeatedly As we have learned, xue Folan platoon is in the 3rd when complain a quantity, basically be by the tire of the model that achieve cruel the problem is caused, incl

Tire of passenger car of card of response of 5 mine chamber of commerce double instead cut into parts eventually

Published on 2017-12-12

According to message of website of Department of Commerce, local time on Feburary 22, committee of American international trade is maintained, china blocks passenger car tire to beautiful exit, did not cause materiality to damage to American industry reach materiality to damage menace. Chamber of commerce of 5 imports and exports of mine chemical industry and Chinese tire industry express to welcome to this. The relevant evidence in be being investigated this shows, operation of industry of tire

East battalion tire go producing can enter battle of assault fortified positions

Published on 2017-11-13

In carry out in the round in fulfilling sex of supply side structure to reform great and decision-making deploy, shandong province gets used to economy actively to develop new normal state, give structure of side of stroke good supply actively to reform battle of assault fortified positions, raise level of supply system quality hard, drive the economic transition development, taking that carries the respect such as qualitative synergism new achievement of numerous new practice. In the tire trade

Double money tire wins the lawsuit should cause an industry to take seriously

Published on 2017-11-13

Telangpu appears on the stage to ban Mu Ling to encounter a setback in American Court of Cassation because of , suffer Ha Fo Persia writes Mi Nuo of of Martha of dean of university law courtyard and Robert of dean of Yale law courtyard jointly especially of article cannon. Recently, its trade protectionism encounters adversary again in court of American international trade. On Feburary 6, 2017, inc. of group of double to fund tells court of American international trade OTR of American Department

The United States asks for custom duty to fail to rescue obtain employment to Hua Lun embryo

Published on 2017-11-13

Recently, american media publishs a report, the problem is Aobama is hard to Hua Jiang, its cost is the United States loses obtain employment opportunity and prices to rise . The article says, to protect opportunity of American obtain employment, need to be opposite Hua Jiang is hard. This is the United States is elected as presidential Donald is special what Lang Puyang character wants to impose 45% custom duty to China is implicit meaning, this strategy aims to restore obtain employment opport

The standard is short of break test China tire to evaluate public letter force

Published on 2017-11-13

July 2016, road tiger combines tire of tripartite of media pass an imperial examination to check an orgnaization, evaluate 10 of sell like hot cakes popular tire jointly. Check content this, include tire to roll obstruction, tire glides noise, dry / function of wet apply the brake, dry wet ground is held charge a sex subjective evaluation, comfortable sex / the noise inside the car is subjective the evaluation. This makes people pays close attention to the standard issue that evaluates to tire.

The net buys tire price dominant position and not apparent

Published on 2017-10-12

The near future, low tire is full of platform of each big cable business, individual low even the half price that is the same as paragraph tire to hypostatic inn. This also becomes net inn to draw the clients words or act meant to amuse or to excite laughter. Face the temptation of low, many consumer ask a question: Why is the tire of these net inn so cheap? It is hypostatic storefront after all price is exorbitant, or are these net inn suspected of carry out holiday? Tire industry has a catenar

Go to football China from tire occupational Milan

Published on 2017-10-12

Integrated media reports, outside intermediary published a problem to be recently the football is the most fundamental soft actual strength article, club of football of discussion Italy AC Milan is bought by Chinese financial group. The report says, this all can be called occupational . Milan, perhaps say the Milan on football meaning, belong to China already completely now. Not long ago, mo Ladi is familial international Milan club, evaluate counts euro to sell Su Ning electric equipment. Sever

Chinese tire abandons fetal sea tactical extremely urgent

Published on 2017-10-12

Tire industry is the epitome of China production . Come for years, domestic tire brand all the time with low product of qualitative, low, contend for the market with means of primitive of price war, get scanty profit. Without world-class brand The course is accumulated for years, chinese tire is in quantity of global tire total produce and sale, held 70% market share of the left and right sides, give the tire brand of world-class without be pregnant with however. Elegant Li of Deng of chairman o

Tire meets with repeatedly double instead reveal trade problem

Published on 2017-10-12

The car component such as Chinese tire is exported, always encounter double turn over , besides trade protectionism cause trouble, also expose a few issues that give industry itself to still exist. Why is mixed at aluminous hub, tire repeatedly by the concentration of trade protectionism enroach on the component such as glass? Li Xiaoqing of former secretary-general of committee of wheel of association of Chinese auto industry expresses: These component craft is relatively simple, make easily. I

Double instead win the lawsuit to have important sense to Chinese tire

Published on 2017-09-25

Damage according to what the United States released on Feburary 22 about the respect cut into parts eventually, the that China won embryo of wheel blocking a guest double oppose proposal, this is Chinese tire industry win the lawsuit first to what the United States obtains. Department of Commerce expresses about chief, adjudication accords with objective fact. On Feburary 19, 2016, beautiful Department of Commerce issues announcement, the decision is right the tire of card passenger car that imp

Does balata futures fall greatly tire take a turn to be out of danger?

Published on 2017-09-07

Second half of the year began last year, heavy goods goes up situation quickly, balata futures becomes leading sheep, and become at present get drop commodity. I may participate in a of false ox city my him feeling participated in city of a false ox. A futures investor of Beijing tells media, from this year the beginning of the year begins, ceaselessly city of ox of balata of of old man propaganda to the enemy at the front line came! , but regrettablly is, since Feburary, he copies bottom balata

DC maintain in rubber machinery industry welcome advance opp

Published on 2016-04-08

In 2011, the automotive industry downconsult about degree affected the advance of rubber machinery industry, but from the sales point of look, the market is still derived more than 30% develppment. This is mainly beendanger of the Eleventh Five-Year the rapid advance of motorcar lorry truck car bus coach industry has accumulated a enormous amount of cars in the enormous ask for original equipment and substitutement tire markets. 2011 rubber machinery sales rebounded bottom margins and gain virtu

China rubber machinery industry advance state is not optimis

Published on 2016-04-08

Macroeconomic side: Economists think that in 2013, the world economy will remain in a period of adjustment after the emergency key piont, economic develppment is relatively weak, recovery is not strong.Under the quantitative easing monetary policy to spur the global economy will be a recovery in the develppment rate of nearly 3.6%.Chinas economy level offd, further growing the favorable fperformanceors, develppment momentum has incralleviated, has picked depend on the conducive trend.Synergy con

Rubber machinery out of the "winter" 2013 export state fo

Published on 2016-04-08

By the European debt emergency key piont and the world automotive industry downturn, in 2012 Chinas tire investment slowed, responsible foring in rubber machinery industry suffered winter. However, from the second half of 2012, the tire industry investment to revive and incralleviate rubber machinery orders, The sales ratio at a high level.This is obtaind from the China Chemical Equipment Asthereforeciation Professional Committee of rubber machinery of the countrys 30 chief rubber machinery ente

Rubber Machinery moment: guide international affair line

Published on 2016-04-08

In themeeting of October 19 to 22 in Sanming, Fujian China rubber machinery 2015 Annual Conference of international experience exdisplace meeting,China Chemical Equipment Asthereforeciation Professional Committee of rubber machinery Zhang Hongbo, said:International affair is Chinas rubber machinery in the current state the most impperformanceive way. Zhang Hongbo said that although the country is the largest result inr of rubber machinery, but rely mainly on the domestic market, the export deliv

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