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Car tire should by whose recall

Published on 2018-08-13

A few days ago, from the country qualitative check total bureau learns, 2016 1-12 month, the car that its receive always complains a quantity to be 10018.

Is domestic tire company intended together raise up the price?

Published on 2018-05-25

This year on March 1, became the of orgiastic day of Chinese tire. Whole tire market, lift continuously in recent years little some rises in price mad tide. This tire price whole soares, those who involve range is wide, go up big, exceeded the anticipation of people. According to the analysis, tire collective rises in price basically is to result from upriver balata rises in price; and the price of balata product carries litre, result from again the RMB devalues bring about heavy goods to rise i

Tire raw material depreciates manufacturer and agency on delicate ground

Published on 2018-05-25

The near future, the price of tire raw material such as natural balata, synthetic rubber, appear relatively glide substantially, carbon black price also has descendent sign. Before this, raw material rises in price cause tire to rise in price spring tide, agency insanity filling library. Nowadays, the market new change that raw material depreciates, let tire give birth to the unfavorable situation that produces enterprise and agency to become delicate. Balata futures price drops continuously Eas

Car tire should by whose recall

Published on 2018-01-19

A few days ago, from the country qualitative check total bureau learns, 2016 1-12 month, the car that its receive always complains a quantity to be 10018. Among them, feng Tian, Ford, Xue Folan, masses is 4 complain most brand, each complain a quantity to exceed 1000. General benefit department connects tire to be complained repeatedly As we have learned, xue Folan platoon is in the 3rd when complain a quantity, basically be by the tire of the model that achieve cruel the problem is caused, incl

Tire of passenger car of card of response of 5 mine chamber of commerce double instead cut into parts eventually

Published on 2017-12-12

According to message of website of Department of Commerce, local time on Feburary 22, committee of American international trade is maintained, china blocks passenger car tire to beautiful exit, did not cause materiality to damage to American industry reach materiality to damage menace. Chamber of commerce of 5 imports and exports of mine chemical industry and Chinese tire industry express to welcome to this. The relevant evidence in be being investigated this shows, operation of industry of tire

East battalion tire go producing can enter battle of assault fortified positions

Published on 2017-11-13

In carry out in the round in fulfilling sex of supply side structure to reform great and decision-making deploy, shandong province gets used to economy actively to develop new normal state, give structure of side of stroke good supply actively to reform battle of assault fortified positions, raise level of supply system quality hard, drive the economic transition development, taking that carries the respect such as qualitative synergism new achievement of numerous new practice. In the tire trade

Double money tire wins the lawsuit should cause an industry to take seriously

Published on 2017-11-13

Telangpu appears on the stage to ban Mu Ling to encounter a setback in American Court of Cassation because of , suffer Ha Fo Persia writes Mi Nuo of of Martha of dean of university law courtyard and Robert of dean of Yale law courtyard jointly especially of article cannon. Recently, its trade protectionism encounters adversary again in court of American international trade. On Feburary 6, 2017, inc. of group of double to fund tells court of American international trade OTR of American Department

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