China rubber machinery started towards the international market

Published on 2018-11-26

Although rubber machinery enterprises in China sales have accounted for the global rubber machinery almost one-third of the total sales revenue, but mainly by domestic tire project, mostly domestic low-end products.Still not see both at home and abroad market, in addition to the traditional foreign trade export, international operation ways, through a variety of forms such as mergers and acquisitions, turnkey project, actively expand overseas markets, to ensure continued stable and healthy development of the rubber machinery industry.In jiangxi province on October 21 to 23, it held jinggangshan & other;”Like cup & throughout;More than 2012 annual meeting in rubber machinery, industry experts, when accepting a reporter to interview expressed that view.Rubber machinery professional committee of China chemical equipment association, honorary chairman, deputy general manager of China chemical equipment corporation dong-ping li told reporters that tyre downstream industries such as the needs of customers are now experiencing & other;From scratch, from there to fine & throughout;Change, energy saving, environmental protection, consumption reduction, safety, high efficiency and automation become the customer the most concern.Accordingly, the demand for products has also changed, & other;New type of energy conservation and environmental protection, high efficiency and high performance-based + multi-functional, low running cost, automatic and intelligent + + motors + suitable for green technology & throughout;Become a new trend in the market.This new trend in the industry, from the year of 2012 the global rubber machinery industry rankings have been reflected clearly.With customer requirements for product quality upgrading, the global well-known company has killed a sudden, in 2011 sales revenue grew up by double digits, the number one cause of the German H – F sales revenue growth of 33.8%, ranking fifth in Japan’s mitsubishi heavy industries sales revenue is increased by 147%, a stark contrast to a few years ago.In contrast, domestic, China rubber machinery in 2011 sales revenue accounted for 31.5% of the global share, 17.7% higher than ranked second in the southeast Asia, eight years in a row at the top of the list.But the rapid development of China’s rubber machinery mainly thanks to the development of Chinese meridian tyre strong pull, rubber machinery product price than foreign enterprises generally low 1\/3 to 1\/2.At present, China’s rubber machinery industry more than 350 production enterprises, accounting for about a third of the world rubber machinery manufacturing enterprise, most enterprises can only make low-end products, fierce price war.Therefore, after the & other;Golden decade & throughout;, China rubber machinery industry how to adapt to customer demand change, deep to meet customer demand, and with foreign famous enterprises in the international market, how to gain a competitive advantage in the future competition, enlarge the international market share of China rubber machinery, become a problem enterprises have to think about.Mesnac Co., Ltd, vice President of ying-jie liu believes that although the grim situation of domestic tire enterprises, but the tire giant enterprise performance a few months before this year, is mostly in the rapid growth of the global tire top 30 companies said the outlook, the investment is surging.So the rubber machinery industry efforts to exploit the international market should also be increased.Rubber machinery professional committee says Zhou Baodi, director of the rubber machinery market since the second half of last year into the downturn, from the point of economic environment at home and abroad, the downturn is over.Increase in the domestic market under the condition of limited space, adopt the means of international operation, through mergers and acquisitions, rapidly expanding international market share, can yet be regarded as a shortcut.Dalian rubber plastic machinery co., LTD., for instance, the end of 2010 acquisition of Canada makerere mechanical engineering co., LTD., all of the equity is a typical success story.Use makerere brand advantage, xiangsu expanded international high-end market share;Through technology transfer, personnel training, enhance the strength of a company in the field of plastic processing machinery, exploit the mid-market, improve the added value of the products.The successful acquisition, let big rubber in 2011 sales revenue increased by nearly 200 million yuan.Dong-ping li said, to occupy the international market, in addition to technology, service and other software and hardware conditions, cultural difference is also an important factor to consider.Domestic enterprises with the Indian market is a typical.According to communicate between India and China rubber industry of Beijing’s long, information consulting co., LTD. Director Liang Jinlan, Indian tyre industry is experiencing a shift from tyre to the radial tire.The proportion of all steel radial tire is eager to India from 2009 ~ 2010) of 10%, up to 20% of the 2012 ~ 2013), India truck radial tire industry began to enter the rapid growth.Car radial tire project capacity in addition, the Indian market is also on the rise, in the second generation echelon outside the tire companies are also starting from the passenger car radial tire and light truck radial tire project development, the proportion of passenger car radial tire for 2011 ~ 2011 to 98%, the ratio of light truck tire radial tire was 22%.But because of the difference of religious culture, although rubber machinery enterprises in China from a few years ago began to India market, but only by the export business contact, the effects are not very ideal.& other;Through acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions and other forms, cross cultural differences can speed up the pace of our domestic enterprises India market development, and India, eastern Europe, the United States, etc., are good potential acquisition market.Throughout the &;Dong-ping li said, & other;Now domestic companies have the funds, the international economic downturn, is also a good time to mergers and acquisitions.But how is the effect after go out, also shoulds not be too optimistic.Throughout the &;Avic aviation manufacturing engineering research institute, deputy director of the Beijing RuiJianHua said that next year to a year and a half, for rubber machinery enterprises, are likely to be more difficult.Some domestic automobile enterprise, for example, a few years ago order form a complete set of tyres at least 100000 a year, but this year has shrunk to less than 40000.From one side it reflected the domestic tire of the gravity of the market, to form a complete set of tires and other rubber products of rubber machinery business days, you can imagine.Now, part of China rubber machinery enterprises have played a reputation in the world, but can be by bidding for international big projects, turnkey project to drive the export market, seek breakthrough.The delegates also said that the international operation, set up r&d center and factories in overseas, is also a good choice.More reliable and correct gas sensor to meet the needs of more application fields.Throughout the &;Source: China rubber network