CHINAPLAS 2017 international displaying

Published on 2018-11-26

Exhibition name: 31 session of China international plastic rubber industry exhibition show time: 2017.5.16-19 exhibition location: guangzhou & middot;Pazhou & middot;中国进出口商品交易会展馆  主办单位:雅式展览服务有限公司  协办单位:中国轻工业联合会 ─ 中国塑料加工工业协会  中国塑料机械工业协会  广东省塑料工业协会  杜塞尔多夫展览(中国)有限公司  上海塑料行业协会  北京雅展展览服务有限公司  参观对象:包括下列行业的产品制造商\/分销商\/代理商\/服务单位:  电子信息及电器  汽车  包装及终端用户(包括食品,饮料,日化等)  建筑,城市基建  医疗  照明及LED  化工及原材料  机械制造  通用塑料制品  模具  塑料家具  循环再用  橡胶制品  电线电缆  其他:玩具,文教,体育用品及工具等  展品范围:  十六大产品展区:注塑机械专区、挤出机械专区、塑料包装及吹塑机械专区、薄膜技术专区、橡胶机械专区、自动化科技专区、辅助设备及测试仪器专区、模具及加工设备专区、中国出口机械及原材料馆、回收再生科技专区、化工及原材料专区、添加剂专区、颜料及色母粒专区、复合及特种材料专区、生物塑料专区以及半制成品专区  展会介绍:  展会面积(平方米) 250,000平方米  展商数目 逾3,300+ 家来自40个国家及地区  预计参观人数 140,000 人来自150个国家及地区(海外观众占25%)  国家及地区展团 12个:奥地利、加拿大、法国、德国、意大利、日本、韩国、瑞士、英国、美国、中国、台湾区  展出机械 3800+台  历届知名买家  美的、格力、富士康、比亚迪、华为、中兴、伟创力、魅族、创维、TCL、步步高、九阳、上海汽车、一汽大众、通用汽车、东风汽车、广汽丰田、吉利汽车、福耀客车、三菱汽车、东风日产、奇瑞汽车、泛亚汽车、延锋汽车饰件、农夫山泉、哇哈哈、可口可乐、欧莱雅、迪奥、雅诗兰黛、伊利、蓝月亮、宝洁、安利、南方包装、安姆科、希悦尔、联塑、中财型材、伟星、武汉金牛、顾地、湖北大洋、迈瑞、微创、西门子、驼人、飞利浦伟康等  聚焦“Intelligent manufacturing, high and new materials, environmental protection technology & throughout;Three hot plastic created human good life, and with the acceleration in the upgrading of consumption, also is reversed transmission plastics manufacturing industry upgrading transformation.& other;CHINAPLAS exhibition rubber & throughout;Focus & other;Intelligent manufacturing, high and new materials, environmental protection technology & throughout;Three major hot spots, as the main line throughout the electronics, automotive, packaging, construction, medical and other industries without application and every link in the product life cycle, showing the world’s leading rubber and plastic machinery, materials and the latest technology solutions.CHINAPLAS has not only is a procurement and technical exchanges platform, more evolved into the construction of high-tech content, high value, high level of exhibition.CHINAPLAS 2017 will continue to improve our valuable exhibitors exhibits technology content, closely related to the practical requirements of today’s manufacturing enterprises to upgrade transformation, including innovation, automation, accurate, safety, high efficiency and energy saving, cost reduction, etc., so as to improve product versatility and added value, create high benefit to cope with global competition, help enterprise sustainable development.The exhibition history & other;CHINAPLAS exhibition rubber & throughout;With plastic and rubber industry in China to grow more than 30 years, has been going on to become the first in Asia, the world’s second largest international displaying, the development of China rubber industry had a positive role in promoting.CHINAPLAS rubber production chain and the downstream industry is very few will cover all process of one of the trading platform, from raw materials to technology, and service, from soup to nuts.& other;CHINAPLAS exhibition rubber & throughout;Following the national policy and industry development trend, to make a display of the cutting edge of rubber and plastic technology, a full range of raw materials and comprehensive application solutions of one-stop international business trade and technology exchange platform.CHINAPLAS 2016 on April 25 to 28, 2016 was held in Shanghai, four days of up to 148575 visitors.As show in the international rubber and plastic industry, as well as its influence in the downstream industry is more and more big, the exhibition of overseas audience of 39454 people, accounting for 26.55% of the total attendance.In addition to the visitors have obvious growth, CHINAPLAS 2016 in exhibition area and number of exhibitors also hit high again.Exhibition area of more than 240000 square meters, 3335 exhibitors from 39 countries and regions to participate in this event, the refresh record again, overseas exhibitors occupied 35%, among the new enterprises accounted for 14%.& other;CHINAPLAS exhibition rubber & throughout;Is China’s only UFI approved xiangsu exhibition.