Path to Italy plastic machinery ILPA renewable

Published on 2018-11-26

Italian plastic rubber machine carefully and optimistic, China actually as Italy’s seventh largest export destination.As the recycled plastic intensifying, and the trend of the thermoplastic plastic packaging manufacturers began to produce made of 00% recycled PET food packaging products.Headquartered in Bologna, Italy, thermoplastic plastic packaging manufacturers ILIPsrl company announced plans to start production made of 100% recycled PET food packaging products.ILIP ILPA group is the main business, recently added a renewable PET purification process.The company said that the system in 2014 passed the EFSA (the European food safety authority) approval, is the production meet the requirements of direct food contact packaging products indispensable prerequisites.The company says it is Europe’s first implementation of closed loop of renewable PET technology companies, which means that the plastics recycling in the enterprise internal management, including cleaning and grinding consumption products, after extrusion recycled PET materials, and production of finished products.In Italy, is no stranger to industry.Italian plastic and rubber industry, both in production and exports are among the best in the world.According to statistics, the Italian plastic rubber processing machinery and mould manufacturing industry output value accounted for mechanical manufacturing alliance ten industry output value of 16.5%.At the same time, the Italian plastic rubber processing machinery and mould products mainly export destination is the eu, the export value of 915 million.Its sales grew by 11.1% in 2011, the output value in 2010 from $3.6 billion to $4 billion last year.At the same time, the Italian exports rose 19.3% from the same period a year earlier, had grown to $2.4 billion.Chairman, when talking about Italy plastics machinery exports Assocomaplast GiorgioColombo said: & other;September 1, 2013 Italian plastics machinery exports in unsatisfactory condition.In addition to increase the number of plastics machinery exports to Africa (up 23% from a year ago), other parts of the plastics machinery exports in different levels decline.Among them, the decline of plastics machinery exports to the European market is 4.4%, in North America was 4.9%, 1% in Asia.In addition, the latest public opinion survey report also strongly support Assocomaplast“Prudent and optimistic attitude & throughout;.The survey report shows that in the second half of 2013 residents income significantly better than the first half.More than 40% of the respondents said, they live a few months earlier stable in November.Germany, France, the United States is a major importer of plastics machinery, Italy accounts for 32% of the total export.The area increase exports outside the European Union countries in Europe and North America market, and China’s exports to Italy of plastic and rubber machinery is an important target market, in a few years ago after reaching some peak, since 2004 has been stable in 110 to 12 billion euros.In particular, to reach a value of about 10.4 billion euros in 2008, China in fact as Italy’s seventh largest export destination countries, has a 4.24% share.