[data] domestic industrial robot ontology ranking top 10 in 2017

Published on 2018-11-26

According to GGII data show that in 2016 China’s industrial robot sales of 85000 units, up 23.91% from a year earlier, the output value reached 13.5 billion yuan, scale of domestic accounted for 19%, rose 4% from a year, is expected to domestic accounted for 2017 is expected to top 23%.Industrial robot as a pearl in the crown of manufacturing, development has made big progress in recent years, although the Chinese market most of the market share is still in the hands of foreign companies, but there are some domestic enterprises is emerging, layout of industrial robot market actively, GGII through market research, to China’s industrial robot inventory out of the 2017 most competitive domestic brands of ontology may need to share with readers to customers in the industry.Main reference standard: shipments scale technical strength brand influence scope of data description: business scope: selection of the Chinese market of domestic industrial robot brand enterprise as the object.Data range: select business shipments dimensions as evaluation standard, technical strength and brand influence.Note: for some companies do not want to reveal the relevant data such as shipments or unwilling to enter the ranking, the ranking is not to be included.The other, foxconn and gree products for personal use.NO. 1 foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturing services of science and technology, foxconn in 2015 accounted for 3.7% of the total amount of China import and export total import and export;In 2016 as “fortune” global 500 25th.It is worth mentioning that foxconn self-developed industrial robots “FOXBOT”, win in the global industry advantages of technology and manufacturing.Foxbot foxconn is independent research and development of a series of robot.Foxconn in shenzhen in 2007 set up automatic machine division, independent research and development the core controller and the key parts, completed in 2009 after 15 Foxbot robot development work, now foxconn in shanxi jincheng to open factories, mass production Foxbot robot.Foxbot robot has been subdivided into dozens of different function models, respectively applied to the grinding polishing, spraying, assembling, handling, and other production tasks.So far, foxconn has deployed more than 40000 sets of in-house research and development and production of “Foxbot” industrial robots.Foxconn has produced each year about 10000 Foxbot machine ability.NO. 2 siasun robot siasun robot was established in 2000, under the Chinese academy of sciences, robot is a unique technology as the core, committed to the digital intelligent high-end equipment manufacturing of high-tech listed companies.Siasun robot product line covers industrial robots, clean (vacuum) robot, mobile robot and special robot and intelligent service robot, five series of industrial robot products fill the blank of the number of domestic and created the Chinese history of the industrial robot 88 first breakthrough;Clean (vacuum) robot repeatedly break the foreign technology monopoly and blockade, numerous replace imported;Mobile robot products comprehensive competitive advantage on the international leading level, has been included in many international well-known enterprises such as general’s key procurement objectives;Special robot applied in defense key areas to get the batch.In the high-end intelligent equipment has already formed intelligent logistics, automation of complete sets of equipment, cleaning equipment, laser technology and equipment, rail transportation, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, energy equipment, special equipment was noted.immunohistochemical development of industrial clusters.Siasun robot is one of most complete robot product line manufacturers in the world, is also a domestic robot industry leading enterprises.NO. 3 ella, delft, intelligent equipment co., LTD. Was established in August 2007, the headquarters of the anhui wuhu, registered capital of 200 million yuan.Enterprise staff 500 people, including research and development staff of more than 300 people, is also the only domestic through large-scale industrialization application and make the robot company to research and development, also is the present domestic sales of the largest producers of industrial robots.2012 began to face the external market, the company products quickly in auto parts, WeiTao, hardware, household appliances, machining, wine and consumer electronics industry such as application of osmosis.At present, the company has completed the annual output of 10000 units of industrial robot assembly line.Through years of independent research and development and mergers, especially the acquisition of companies focus in the field of spraying CMA robot and focus on the high-end metal processing and intelligent production line of EVLOUT robot company, PE had formed in the field of robot applications universal coverage, particularly in the areas such as spraying, high-end metal processing, with strong first-mover advantage.In Shanghai NO. 4 new robot co., LTD is a wholly owned subsidiary of shares when new.In acquired German AntonSigrinerElektronikGmbH company in 2003, adhering to the German Sigriner scientifically rigorous innovation idea, continuously the pursuit of excellence quality, Bavaria in Germany and China respectively set up r&d center in Shanghai, the world’s leading Germany robot technology is introduced into China.In 2013 established a production base in Shanghai, China, robot product line has covered 6 kg to 275 kg.New in the company is committed to promote the development of China’s manufacturing intelligent robot, based on a robot controller, drives, system software platform, such as advanced technology, to provide customers with the best integrated system solutions.The company’s service network has covered China’s 31 provinces, municipal areas.When the new robot is suitable for various production line of welding, cutting, grinding polishing, cleaning, loading, assembling, handling pallet and so on a variety of assignments of upstream and downstream process, widely used in elevator, metal processing, rubber machinery, engineering machinery, food packaging, logistics equipment, auto parts and other manufacturing areas.In 2016, when the new motion control and robot products business growth, the growth rate of more than 50% in 2015.NO. 5, ace Estun Automation Co., Ltd was founded in 1993, benefited from the country’s reform and opening up development opportunities as well as entrepreneurial teams after more than 20 years of hard work, now become not only the domestic high-end intelligent equipment core control features one of the leading enterprises, and has its own core components advantages based on strong into the industrial robots, luxuriant turned to our own technology and core components of domestic robot mainstay enterprise.Ace in 2010 began to research and development of industrial robots, in 2011 established a special research and development and production of industrial robot holding subsidiary of ace robot company.At present, the ace’s robot products include six axis general, four axis robot palletizing robot, SCARA robot, DELTA and servo manipulator robot and intelligent equipment.On March 20, 2015, ace automation officially listed in shenzhen stock exchange, China has fully autonomous core technology of domestic robot mainstream one of listed companies.In 2016, ace, industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing system business income was compared to achieve more than 150% of the growth over the same period last year.NO. 6 gree gree intelligent robot equipment business began in 2011 and founded 13 years gree intelligent equipment co., LTD.At present, the company in south China and central China with a total of four research and development production base, located in zhuhai, three of the machine tool research and development production base, northridge industrial park, as well as the acquisition of the original mei ling after modification for robotic factories south industrial park, water in addition to this, there is also a production base in wuhan.Gree robot co., LTD. Was incorporated in March 2017, is a child of gree intelligent layout plate, currently in production and research and development staff of more than 200 people, research and development mainly concentrated in the manufacturing and system integration of ontology application field.Began to develop since 2012, after three years precipitation, mass production started in 2015, the output reached more than one thousand sets.More than 2016 fell, an annual capacity of 2016 units.Is expected to a record high in 2017, has now received a gree group internal demand more than 1600 sets.Because of the existing equipment and plant has not been put into production, the monthly output is controlled in 150, after production is expected to have greater improvement.The output of 2017 goal is 2000 units.NO. 7 in guangzhou wide nc number was started in 2006, independent research and development of industrial robot, in the industry known as “the north siasun, south wide number”.Currently guangzhou CNC internal engaged in robot research and development of technical personnel more than 100 people, and with south China science and technology, beihang university, tianjin university and other domestic universities is closely “production, study and research” cooperation.Guangzhou independently developed CNC precision reducer of multiple specifications, and have been in their own research and development of industrial robot application test, the function close to similar foreign products.Wide number of products covers 3 kg to 400 kg load, degree of freedom included three to six joint, the application functions include handling, machine tools and materials, welding, pallet, glue, grinding polishing, involved in nc machine tools, hardware machinery, electronics, home appliances, building materials industry applications.Guangzhou CNC realize industrial robot recognised by the market, have been sold to guangdong, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, chongqing, henan, guangxi and other regions, have exported to Vietnam, Turkey, Chile and other countries and regions, the cumulative sales of more than 2000 sets.NO. 8 with robot with 2010 days group, independently developed the first generation of six axis robot, it has 11 six axis robot products, covering 5, 10, 16, 50, 180 kg load.Company in 2013 in bengbu $150 million to build production base, annual output of 400 sets of robot has been put into production.So far, the group robot annual capacity of 1000 units.In addition to the robot body, match day also into precision gear reducer, servo motor, motor controller, and other core parts of research and development.In addition to the group internal demand, the company also through zhuhai handy and other eight stable system integration partners to develop the external channel.In 2016, including a self-used, match day robot delivery around 400 units.NO. 9 Huazhong CNC Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., ltd. was founded in 1994, the registered capital of 161.745 million yuan, is “innovative enterprise”.Early in 1999, huazhong CNC is developed the huazhong type I robot control system and education robot, but always not to apply product to the market, has now hit “TV robot” brand, in just two or three years, huazhong CNC robot subsidiaries all over the country.Results show that in 2015, huazhong nc will be independent intellectual property rights the numerical control system, servo motor, such as core generic technology, extending in the field of industrial robots, based in wuhan, rapidly in chongqing, shenzhen, quanzhou, ezhou, dongguan, foshan and other places on the industrial robot industry base, national layout.In the field of industrial robots, the company implemented PCLS (industrial robot, the robot key components, intelligent production line) strategy.In 2016, the company’s newly developed TV Ⅱ robot system to achieve the transition, up and down in the machine tool feeding, stamping, grinding, and other fields began to batch application, obtain good effect;Supporting TV Ⅱ type system of robot products in some market segments have stronger competition ability.In 2016, the company industrial robots and automation income 12620.04 ten thousand yuan, up 272.22% from a year earlier.Rev. NO. 10 guangzhou rev sail sail guangzhou was established in March 2014, formerly known as dongguan qi sail, registered capital is 20 million yuan RMB, by the machine group guangzhou machinery research institute co., LTD., guangzhou, south China university of science and technology, the subordinate HuaXinKe industrial co., LTD., and natural persons jointly established.Mainly engaged in the right Angle and joint robot and peripheral equipment research and development and manufacturing, with Scara robot, rectangular coordinate robot, six axis robot and complete sets of equipment, products include handling, stacking up and down, machine tool material, cutting, welding, grinding, coating and other industries.Now has all kinds of production equipment more than 100 sets, fixed assets of 200 million yuan of above.Rev. Sail company except in universal shaft four, six axis, multi-axis industrial robotics a larger share of the ontology and the system integration, is committed to developing niche business of special robot and complete automation equipment and system integration, is currently in press automation, hydraulic tensile automation, forging automation occupies the absolute market dominance, is gradually to the injection molding automation, machining automation, automation of sheet metal bending, die casting, welding automation, laser cutting and other industries to expand