Automation market research: during the first half of 2016 outbreak of competitive force of road without gold conceptions of already!

Published on 2018-11-26

The Olympic Games has begun in the southern hemisphere, except on the first day no golden China legion, other all is under control.However, gold medal rankings of what is not important & hellip;& hellip;Why do you say that?Because & other;The big & throughout;Star Fu Yuanhui powerful landslides toppled the sports you kiss for the competition through!No traditional players & other;Thank you thank the country party & throughout;Routine, ghost horse girl in this sport, and stir force expression in blunt language interpretation of the true Olympic spirit & ndash;& ndash;Indifferent to fame and wealth, calm face.Fu ye interview time tells a reporter, oneself has experienced three months were dead after recovery and training, can have today’s achievement is very satisfied.Bring the happy feeling & otherFu ye spirit & throughout;Let small make up of the Chinese automation market: long before the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing period, even in the face of decline in GDP growth, investment growth is reduced, the equipment manufacturing industry decline in exports and other obstacles, but & other;Prehistorical powers & throughout;Already broke out & hellip;& hellip;So, today to see 2016 first-half results this paper automation market, regardless of the outcome, we all & other;Very satisfied & throughout;.Chatting, data from the user requirements: in the first half of 2016 users to 45.75 billion and the total automation shrank by 5.7%, compared to the same API (automated user purchase index) is 94.3, a small decline in demand.OEM market user purchases for 21.15 billion, shrank by 4.5%, compared to the same API 95.5 OEM market.Project type market: the user purchases $24.6 billion, shrank by 6.6%, compared to the same type project market API is 93.4.In a grim situation, it is a little feeling pleased to is: automation market in the second quarter of the overall demand & other;A temporary recovery & throughout;You can see, in the figure rose slightly.From the downstream is mainly used in the industry, in the first half of this year, including machine tools, textile machinery, rubber machinery, plastic machinery, mining machinery, lifting machinery, most of the OEM industry demand is still poor, short-term difficult to change the situation, while emerging fields, such as the form a complete set of new energy automotive industry market volatility risk.In the project type industry market demand, such as building materials, petroleum and petrochemical, mining, electricity, chemical industry and metallurgy fields new domestic project is still very limited.Intelligent manufacturing investment by heat and & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Drive the overseas EPC project demand growth became two big & other;Hook & throughout;.Public facilities, municipal services, and car manufacturing has become one of the few endogenous growth.ASI according to the first half of the product market conditions: in the first half of the total supplier shipments for 45.54 billion, shrank by 4.8%, compared to the ASI (automation supplier shipments index) is 95.2, declining performance significantly.In the second half of this year in the OEM industry transportation & ndash;& ndash;Especially in railway and urban rail transit locomotive manufacturing, medical equipment, electric equipment manufacturing will be optimistic growth;And municipal facilities, public facilities and new energy facilities (charging, charging pile) will become the life-blood of project type of industry.In addition, logistics, robot, environmental protection and other fields as countries develop and foster industry, has great development potential, the future may become the backbone of the manufacturing industry.