The worlds leading robot company inventory of domestic paper (FIG.)

Published on 2018-11-26

Now robots, involving more and more field is also constrained by governments, businesses, financial institutions and so on various aspects of attention.Robot technology promotion help manufacturing level of ascension, in recent years, our country also strongly committed to the industrial robot, which also has a lot of robot enterprise stand out from the crowd, become the industry leader.Let’s to take stock of domestic robot enterprise leaders.Siasun robot is this model of robot enterprises in China, it’s every rewritten the history of not only Chinese imports exports.Siasun robot is a robot unique technology as the core, committed to the digital intelligent high-end equipment manufacturing high-tech listed company, its products are exported to 13 countries, involved in the high-end intelligent equipment has already formed intelligent logistics, automation of complete sets of equipment, cleaning equipment, laser technology and equipment, rail transportation, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, energy equipment, special equipment was noted.immunohistochemical development of industrial clusters.Its set of robot covers clean robot, industrial robots, mobile robots, special robot and intelligent service robot five series.The clean robot broke the foreign technology monopoly and blockade, instead of a large number of imports;A number of domestic technology to fill gaps in industrial robot, created the Chinese history of the industrial robot 88 first breakthrough;Mobile robot products comprehensive competition in the international leading level, have also been many international well-known enterprises such as general as the purchasing goal;Special robots in key defence also got batch use.Is the only name on a line in the course of the international rankings of robot enterprises in China, is the pride of China.Light-years unlimited technology co., LTD. The company was founded in Beijing in August 2010, is a focus on light infinite engaged in intelligent robot operating system research and development, the depth study of the semantic understanding of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing technology research and development and application scenarios, a rising star.Which developed a cloud robot brain causing concern & ndash;& ndash;& other;Turing robot & throughout;, it is now the highest Chinese context only the robot of the brain, belong to the leading level in the world, Chinese semantic understanding ability is as high as 90%.Turing robot has for more than 130000 companies and developers to provide services, in the home service robot, commercial service robot, children with robots, intelligent customer service system, intelligent vehicle system and intelligent home control systems, and other areas of the software and hardware has absolute superiority.