The 70th anniversary of the Taiwan machinery industry association 4.0 address ma pledged to promote industrial development

Published on 2018-11-26

Taiwan machinery industry association director KeBa host machinery association 70th anniversary yesterday announced, according to industry and government push the productivity of 4.0, 4.0 Taiwan machinery integration with the IT industry, combined with intelligent machine, robot, sensors, big data and machine connected to the Internet, start the wisdom of the first year of machinery manufacture, building intelligent manufacturing industrial chain.Turn the crisis into transit, beyond Europe and the United States advanced industrial countries.Mr Ma said the machinery industry is driving the locomotive of economic development in our country, the government will always machinery industry key industries in national economic development.4.0 in September to the executive yuan for approval productivity development program, by establishing the existing equipment of outside hang machine connected to the Internet, let the mechanical equipment is wisdom, and cooperate with the big data and cloud technology, integration of customer needs, set up a small amount of diverse and able to respond to customer requirements, to improve the energy of mechanical industry.To assist the domestic machinery industry to reduce the export trade barriers, the government also actively integrating resources, want to join the trans-pacific partnership agreement (TPP) and the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) regional economic integration mechanism, etc.KeBa said, mechanics output value 985 billion yuan, in 2014, Taiwan machine tool export global export ranked fourth, textile machinery, plastic rubber machinery exports in the world 5, 6 2 shoemaking machinery exports in the world, is the world famous machinery manufacturing, machinery in Taiwan and heavily 60 kilometers below form gold longitudinal valley, has the world’s highest density of settlement, the precision machinery industry is no longer the traditional black industry, but high-tech precision machinery industry, because of the experience and technology intensive, do not need to run away, is also one of the few also the root of Taiwan’s industry.KeBa heath pointed out that the development of Europe and the United States advanced industrial countries machinery industry for more than 200, just a few short 10 years, Taiwan 4.0 for Taiwan machinery industry, the crisis is better.Plan the future by the executive yuan for 9 years, 36 billion yuan investment funds, to promote the productivity of 4.0.KeBa further said, mechanical application in wisdom, wisdom is mechanical and intelligent robot, sensors, machine connected to the Internet, and a large data, the core of intelligent manufacturing is wisdom machines, although Germany is very strong in the field of mechanical, but IT is not their strengths, Taiwan machinery and the strongest IT two big industries, is the only can go beyond Europe and the United States advanced countries.