Han Zisen: standardization is the most key link in manufacturing informatization

Published on 2018-11-26

The port city of tianjin for grain transportation flourish since ancient times, and thus contributed to the west of the city.The secondary industry is the industry of tianjin, tianjin as science and technology, science and technology co., LTD. As one part of the output value has reached nearly 700 million, the associated with the construction of the informatization of the intimate.& other;Through informatization project implementation, this paper analyzes not only the management, process reengineering, implements the business process controlled, traceable, management, more important is to change of the concept, staff’s work has been inseparable from the various system now.Throughout the &;Tianjin sai Han Zisen like science and technology science and technology co., LTD., deputy general manager said.Information to screw together three strength of tianjin as technology co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research, development, production, trade in one of the high-tech enterprises.In 1989, is a research and development and manufacture of various engineering integrates light, load, multiply with son, aviation, etc. Series line tire production equipment, and the development of industrial control software for the user and tire enterprise control network information system.With the rising labor costs, and land resources, the pressure of rubber machinery industry also for equipment manufacturers put forward more requirements, such as automation, intelligence, high efficiency, high precision, it is also a rubber machinery industry faces new challenges.In the context of market economy, the rubber machinery is relatively competitive, the industry is still in the growth stage.& other;Rubber machinery industry is an industry competition, the output value of billions of several companies have started to develop the information of different level.Throughout the &;Han Zisen said.& other;Information do is a process & throughout;Actually like technology in the process of selecting the suitable software also experienced some twists and turns, in 2003 a ERP software, but carried out two years later proved that the software can’t meet the like as a complex project manufacturing enterprise of science and technology to the needs of the business management.In 2010, tianjin game like chose the friend europtronic U9.U9 more than a year later, in the implementation of application effect of informationization gradually became apparent, in the case of staff to reduce, production capacity increased by 50% than before.& other;Software only a third of the completed information, a good implementation of the team to complete the other one third, enterprise determination had completed another third.Throughout the &;Han Zisen today that, as the information construction of science and technology with this kind of feeling.And the company also got very good returns, annual report 2013, revenue grew by 48.31% year on year, profits rose 433.1% year-on-year, management fees fell 8.76% year on year.Standardization to reduce costs and design work product is closely related to the standardization and informationization, standardization, the better the informatization implementation is convenient and the overall effect better, source and standardization for the company’s biggest help from design reduces the cost, reduce the workload of design.Material code is the basic one of manufacture enterprise informatization and standardization of the key problems.& other;Product data management (PDM) is a set of strict material code, and then use U9 and formed a set of coding system, finally we will code of the two systems integration.Throughout the &;Han Zisen said.