Rubber and plastic machinery sales this year is expected to exceed 7 billion euros in Germany

Published on 2018-11-26

It is reported that 2015 is engineering machinery miserably talk about a year, but that doesn’t include Germany, VDMA—& ndash;German plastics and rubber manufacturers’ association in the report pointed out recently, in 2015, the German plastics and rubber machinery manufacturer’s sales rose 5%, sales in 2016 is expected to more than 7 billion euros for the first time.Ulrich, chairman of the VDMA Reifenh user, said 12 months ago, 4% growth forecast for 2015 sales is, in fact the growth of more than the forecast.In the coming year will continue this trend.Germany rubber and plastic machinery sales this year is expected to exceed 7 billion euros, general manager of VDMA Thorsten KüHmann, said in January 2015 & ndash;& ndash;In September, German exports showed a trend of optimistic growth & ndash;& ndash;Increased by 2.2% than last year.VDMA is expected, Germany, Europe and even the global sales in 2015 & ndash;& ndash;In 2017, the average growth rate of 2%.European machinery manufacturing industry will be growing at 1.5% a year, the rubber industry will be growing at 3.2% a year.The drop in sales of German exports Russia, exported to the United States, Canada, Mexico, central and South America, Brazil, Argentina, all showed a trend of rise with comparison.Although exports to India a low base, but growth remains strong trend, China’s export sales fell, despite all the growth in southeast Asia than expected, but to Japan and Taiwan’s sales also fell.