Qingdao speed Internet + manufacturing 50 intelligent factory will be built

Published on 2018-11-26

Recently released by the Qingdao & other Internet + & throughout; development plan (2015 & ndash; 2020) proposed that zhuhai will take & other;Internet + & throughout;Manufacture as the key development areas, the full implementation of & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, the advanced experience of German industry 4.0 and the Internet, to speed up the depth of a new generation of information technology and industrial integration as the main line, in order to promote the intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, strengthen the ability of industrial base, upgrade the Internet interactive platform, enhance the level of networked manufacturing and accelerate the transformation of service manufacturing.Planning is put forward, to 2020, the construction and retrofit 50 intelligent plant and 500 digital workshop, the city’s two fusion development index above 80, customization, value-chain, low carbon manufacturing become key industries dominant model, forming a batch of smart factory solution provider, key core technology breakthroughs in a number of key areas, the industrial innovation ability and core competence to achieve the domestic first-class level, intelligent manufacture to effective demonstration city, initially built in the Internet industry leader.To speed up development of zhuhai & other;Internet + & throughout;Manufacturing, mainly in the Internet industry new formats, cloud manufacturing service platform, intelligent manufacturing ecological three areas.To cultivate new formats into the Internet industry promotion of new manufacturing mode based on Internet.Support key enterprises to build interactive platform, modular and flexible manufacturing system and value fully butt user personalized needs, promoting exclusive custom module custom, the custom, such as mass customization, new business to develop network crowdsourcing, cloud manufacturing, such as a new manufacturing mode, promote social effective collaborative manufacturing resources, reduce the enterprise inventory and operation cost.Transformation in the development of service-oriented manufacturing based on Internet.Support manufacturing companies using Internet technology to integrate offline service resources, development of remote monitoring of whole life cycle of operations, management and integration application solutions, collection Adrian rodriguez huber -) fernando, contracting, leasing and financing, content value-added services, supply chain finance services, industrial new formats such as big data and cloud computing services, and promote the transformation from the manufacturer to service providers, continuous extension of industry value chain.Widely popularize new marketing methods based on the Internet.Support key enterprises to build industry electric business, cross-border electricity, domestic electricity, such as a new marketing platform, to build offline brand integrated experience store, encourage and guide the small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises carrying out big data mining based on the Internet new media precision marketing and brand promotion, network online mix of experiential marketing, promotion & other;Qingdao manufacturing & throughout;The brand value and competitive power.To develop the innovation design based on Internet industry.Support backbone enterprises and institutions to build integrated design tool, the simulation system and innovation design platform of mass data data, encourage scientific research institutes of colleges and universities, key laboratories and enterprise technology center and the design of research and development of industrial design center open to the public, experimental testing of innovation resources, vigorously develops the network collaborative research and development, the new industries such as package design, improve the level of enterprise innovation design.