Mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment and so on five big achievements German industrial advantage industry overlord!

Published on 2018-11-26

Germany is the world’s fourth, Europe’s first economic power.Under the background of the European debt crisis, Germany’s economic performance is relatively outstanding, continue to maintain growth, known as the European debt crisis & otherThroughout the savior &;.Germany’s economy can continue to stable and healthy development, the key lies in Germany adhere to the development of the real economy and producer services, and can keep pace with The Times, continuous innovation, professional, technical route, firmly hold the global industrial chain of high-end, establish & otherGerman manufacturing & throughout;A hallmark of the symbol of high quality, efficient and innovative, keep the competitiveness of the products.DE is specialized in manufacturing auto, machinery manufacturing, chemical medicine and electronics electric is tradition, the four pillar industries.New energy and environmental technologies is also the advantage industry in Germany.A German, cars and auto parts industry is one of the world automobile manufacturing powerhouse, Benz, BMW and know, Volkswagen, audi, porsche is well-established.German premium car global market share of more than 70%.Speaking of German car, what people thinks of above all is safe, comfortable, energy-saving, environmental protection, beautiful, durable.German car manufacturing sales of 361.7 billion euros in 2013, including foreign sales of 234.6 billion euros.Car production 14.08 million cars, commercial vehicles, 270000 units.German car industry can lead to more advantages in other industries, long-term Germany first industry status, show superior strength and strong momentum of development, its development characteristics worthy of attention.German car production enterprise attaches great importance to the research and development, and constantly improve the core competitiveness.Only in 2013, the German car industry r&d spending up to 18.27 billion euros, compared with 2012 growth of 5.2%.German industry 28% of researchers engaged in automotive research and development, and one 9 of the auto industry employees work in r&d department.German car industry has ten patents to produce a day on average, each year 3650 of patents, is the real world champion.All of which ensures that the German car industry in the world leading technology advantage, highlights the German car industry in the core position in the German economy.Germany’s leading carmaker Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, audi, porsche, opel and mann (commercial) vehicle companies such as Bosch, continental and Mr Fu (ZF), harvesting and thyssen & middot;Krupp, Siemens VDO and other auto parts enterprises.