Blockbuster top ten industrial robot full scan

Published on 2018-11-26

The great potential of robotics market demand, also for our country’s robotic automation industry ushered in the great development opportunity.Statistics show, along with the rapid growth of industrial robot demand in China, in 2016 or will become the world’s largest industrial robot market in China., whether international robot enterprises or enterprises of domestic robots, robot application market full of confidence.Recently, the Internet magazine released A robot science and technology of China enterprises, A lot of a-share listed companies on the list.A, great potential for industrial robot market China robot industry union, according to the 2014 global robot sales rose 27% to 225000 units, the Chinese market sales rose 54% to 56000 units, for two consecutive years as the world’s largest industrial robot market.Among them 16945 sets of domestic enterprise sales, an increase of 77% over the previous year, foreign companies sell about 40000 units in China, 47% from a year earlier.Over the past decade, China’s robot sales average annual compound growth rate of 32%, in 2013 and 2014 were 45%, 45%.China robot technology companies list in the first half of 2016 industrial robots are the most widely used in the automobile industry at present, the domestic auto industry robot market more than 400 400 yuan, automobile manufacturing demand of about 20 billion.Future applications in automotive industry growth is slowing, others, such as electrical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries of robot demand is exponentially.Over the next three years, the robot in the 3 c electronic, metal, rubber, plastics, food, and the application of the pharmaceutical industry will grow more than the auto industry, general manufacturing will become the new battlefield for industrial robot.To domestic robot market in 2020 is expected to reach 200 billion yuan.About half of manufacturing 140 billion, 60 billion cars.Globally, Japan, Germany, South Korea, the United States of the industrial robot market maturity is high, and China is the most market potential of the country;China, Japan, the United States is a major buyer of industrial robots, but China’s industrial robot permeability is far lower than the developed countries, Japan, Germany, the United States and other developed countries industrial robotics and permeability of obvious advantages, which Japan is the largest producer and consumer in the global industrial robot;From the point of a single enterprise, Sweden ABB, Germany’s library card, Japan fanuc and yaskawa motor four companies is the world’s major industrial robot, the supplier in the global market, industrial robot ontology robot four leading enterprises income accounts for more than 50% in recent years, is the absolute strength of this field;In robot systems integration, in addition to the main business of integrated business, leading independent systems integrators include toure, company and ko horse, etc.Major national industrial robot density two industrial robots, the classification of industrial robot now is much higher than from the perspective of marketization and acceptable service robot, this may also be associated with the real market demand have larger, the popularity of many products from the Angle of history, after the first industrial civilian use.Industrial robot from mechanical structure can be divided into: (1) the joint robot: robot joints, also known as joint arm robot or joint mechanical arm, is the industry in one of the most common form of the industrial robot.Suitable for use in many industrial fields of mechanical automation operation, for example, automatic assembling, spray paint, handling, welding, etc.Three joints before the robot decide the position of the robot in space, after three joints determine its posture, more in the form of a rotary joint.Siasun robot flexible joint