[take] 2016 robot robot five countries in the global enterprise

Published on 2020-09-08

All round the world robot industry development, the giant robots are mainly concentrated in the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, China and other five countries.Intelligence as the main direction, the rising of new materials and new technology research and development strength, clearly put forward to develop industrial robots to boost manufacturing.And for Japan, its form a complete set of industrial robot industry competitive advantage lies in the complete industrial system and key parts has strong technological advantage.Germany introduced industrial robot although later in Japan, but its development is similar to Japan.After ten years of efforts, represented by the library card industrial robots enterprises occupy the leading position.Although South Korea’s hyundai heavy industries has been closely with robot docking, greatly improving the Korean industrial robot manufacturers in the global market share.But overall, the south Korean technology is still with the United States, Japan, Germany there is a big gap.And comparing the above four countries, industrial robot industry development in our country appears some should, this is mainly due to the development of industrial robots is unequal in the domestic market demand, and the lack of robot research and development of core technology and so on.But there are differences also proves that industrial robot industry in China still has room to rise, which is also beyond doubt.American 1. Adept Technology is Adept since it was founded in 1983, has developed into a professional engaged in industrial automation of the high-tech enterprises, is a worldwide leader in the intelligent robot vision system and service providers.At present, the company product line has been around the industrial robot, linear module configuration, mechanical control for robots and other flexible automation equipment, machine vision, system and application software, etc.The production of products has been widely used in goods packing, life sciences, disk drive, electronics, solar energy, semiconductor manufacturing, and other fields.2. American RobotAmericanRobot is industrial robot controller, manufacturers of industrial robots and automation systems.Main products are universal robot controller, Merlin6 shaft multi-joint robot and Gantry3000 module robot, etc.Company production of products has been widely used in robot control, calibration, manipulator technology innovation, etc.3. Baxter Baxter international co., LTD., founded in the United States in 1931, is one of the leading enterprises of the global health care industry.”Common sense” RethinkRobotics robot, peritoneal dialysis, blood products, intensive products, transfusion treatment products and other products win industry acclaim for Baxter.At present, the company produces the product has been widely applied in the field, and critically ill treatment chronic diseases worldwide development, production and sales to treat hemophilia, immune system diseases, infectious diseases, cancer, kidney disease, trauma and depth of severe complicated products.