Soft holding: Toyota robot products are exported to Japan

Published on 2018-11-26

& other;We watch the robot industry in the next five to 10 years of business development, the future will continue to play to the company itself in the field of automated manufacturing project technical advantage, increasing investment to build robots.Throughout the &;Soft holding a dong Peru Rena in an interview with our reporter said.As robots industry policy positive and market demand, more and more money is pouring into the market.Data shows, the robot industry of global investment scale will reach 10 trillion yuan.In our country, the average every week will have four or five robot company.Industry thinks, at present China’s robot and the market demand, there is a big gap between robot market potential is tremendous.Securities analysts believe that, as a soft holdings of stocks of robots, the future will also benefit from the bonus growing industry.Soft robot business into a new growth point of performance, in fact, holding a more market is best known for its rubber tire equipment business, is a leader in the global rubber machinery.According to the journal of the European rubber (which) released 2014 annual global rubber machine industry report, soft holding a Germany HF company, become new global tire and rubber equipment manufacturers.However, since 2010, soft holdings announced holdings Qingdao home automation company (hereinafter referred to as & other;Families and home automation & throughout;), begin to enter the robot industry, and power is gradually expanding.At the end of last year, soft holdings, and automation of the eight natural person shareholders to sign the “equity transfer agreement”, bought a family home automation shares from the natural person shareholders, making it to soft holding a wholly owned subsidiary.According to LuLiNa soft main business of the holding of the robot is borne by families and home automation.Robot at present, the company products have been widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, rubber tire, logistics, carpentry and other industries, with foxconn, midea, gree, galanz, hisense, aucma, Toyota, Volkswagen, ford, copper cash, are new, ikea and other high-end customers, and has set up a batch export to Japan, Malaysia and other countries, is also the only domestic exports to Japan’s Toyota robot.According to soft holding a half annals, in the first half of this year the company achieve the business income is 1.426 billion yuan, up 11.37%;Net profit of 120 million yuan, up 11.11% from a year earlier.Among them, the robot and information logistics business operating income is 50.19 million yuan.Although overall, the robot business in soft holdings of the overall income accounts for less, but LuLiNa said favored robot market space for the future, will continue to increase investment in this layout.Boc international recent research thinks, soft holding a cross-industry expanding effective, robot and intelligent logistics system for rapid growth, support in the past two years maximum performance steady growth: robot at the core of logistics equipment, with automatic warehouse, logistics, such as sorting machine, all kinds of conveyor equipment together play the role of large logistics hardware.At the same time, our reporter also noticed that, soft control of the robot business gross margin has greatly increased.Half annual report showed that in the first half of this year, the robot and the information of logistics business gross margin reached 56.16%, compared with the same period last year increased by 18.25%.Robot industry investment fund, it is worth mentioning that soft holding a also is positive and dedicated fund for robot in the areas of industry.According to soft holdings said in a notice of late June 26, soft holding copies of plans to invest in Shanghai chung huasheng investment management co., LTD., established in Shanghai flood control investment partnership enterprises (hereinafter referred to as “&” otherFlood control investment & throughout;), with its own capital is 17.5 million yuan RMB as a limited partner subscribed flood control fund share investment and is limited to the amount of limited liability.We have learned, flood control investment to raise funds mainly used in domestic and overseas to China robot, automatic logistics equipment and 4.0 based on the industrial development of related business areas, and other similar industry enterprise investment.For the cause of the industry funds, soft holdings said, with high quality in the field of professional investment institutions and the enterprise cooperation, the company can make full use of the fund management team of professional investment experience and sound risk control system, improve the targets and the professionalism of the m&a outlook analysis, improve the decision-making more scientific, timely find high quality investment targets, foster new performance, the growth point for the company’s future development reserve more high quality targets, gradually accumulated in the field of industry experience and investment ability.