Pinch pennies made smart Qingdao Internet industry leader

Published on 2018-11-26

Achieve four main improving continuously the intelligent manufacturing & ndash;& ndash;Industrial enterprises above designated size to promote digital networked intelligent transformation, key process numerical control rate increased significantly;Specialization, universal digital workshop and automatic production lines, a new small and medium enterprises in key industries large backbone enterprises built in intelligence and interconnected factory factory, the development of informatization and industrialization fusion index reach more than 85.New mode to accelerate the evolution of new forms & ndash;& ndash;Electrical appliances, clothing and other key industries has been widely personalization, fundamental shift towards a service-oriented manufacturing large and medium-sized enterprises, small micro enterprise universal access to electronic commerce, the features of the Internet industry well-known enterprises and brands thrive, the research and development, speed up the development of the package design, the creativity of enterprise innovation significantly enhanced.Intelligent equipment industry spanning development & ndash;& ndash;Wisdom city form a complete set of perfect information network infrastructure, intelligent equipment and products output value proportion significantly improved, forming a number of landmark industry software products and overall solutions, driving through the city’s total industrial output 2.5 trillion yuan, software and information technology services revenue reached 250 billion yuan.New industry ecological basic form & ndash;& ndash;Based on efficient coordination and integration services in whole life cycle of whole industry chain, to cultivate a group of industry leading cloud manufacturing service platform construction, the construction of industry chain upstream and downstream Internet sharing, medium and micro businesses together to create a new industry ecological system, create more open and inclusive, platform economy more competitive advantage.Four key task to develop intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, promote a depth of information technology and manufacturing technology is an implementation of the key positions & other;Machine throughout substitution &;.In home appliances, electronics, machinery, food, textile, clothing and other labor-intensive industries, especially obvious trait of repeated labor, labor intensity, poor production environment, strict security risk is high, the process of key positions, and promote the use of industrial robots and other intelligent equipment and automation equipment to replace manual production.The second is to implement automatic production line.In iron and steel, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, beverage and other industries in order to process the key of the manufacturing process, promote the use of automation of complete sets of equipment and automation of complete sets of control system, transformation instead of single or artificial combination of production, realize the key process equipment automatic control and operation.3 it is promoting the construction of the digital workshop.Locomotive, ship Marine engineering, automobile rubber tyre, mechanical equipment and other industries in the production of discrete manufacturing workshop, the popularization and application of intelligent CNC equipment, sensing identification technology, and other advanced equipment and control technology of manufacturing execution system.Four is to support the backbone enterprises create smart factory.Encourage better fusion base backbone enterprises, based on the construction of automatic production line, digital workshop, comprehensive use of manufacturing execution system, enterprise resource planning, product lifecycle management, intelligent parallel production control and other advanced technology, research and development, design, technology, manufacturing, quality control, logistics, service, management, decision-making and the whole process of integrated optimization, build data-driven intelligent factory.Five is to encourage leading enterprises to build factories of the Internet.Support of home appliances, garments, rubber tires and other industries have a certain first-mover advantage of leading enterprises, to form a complete set of industrial chain link enterprise, intelligent factory, the solution of uniform output make supported by industry cloud platform smart + connected factories, promote the fusion from the enterprise vertical integration to horizontal integration between enterprises and industrial value chain end-to-end integration, to achieve cross-regional, distributed collaborative manufacturing.