The largest export market of China to become the Italian machinery industry

Published on 2018-11-26

China is the world’s largest machine tool manufacturer, is also the major importer of machine tools.Suppliers according to the international mold and metal plastic industry association secretary general luo hui said, China’s reform and opening up after the huge market demand which is formed by the economic take-off in support of the Italian industrial development.Since 1980, China has been from the Italian imports of machinery and equipment and production lines, support the development of the Italian industry, China’s 30 years has been in the forefront of the export market in Italy.According to the Italian mechanical machine tool association secretary general alfredo & middot;Marriott introduction, in 2009, the world financial crisis make the Italian machine appeared in many important export market growth drop, such as Germany’s exports fell 27.5%, exports to France drop 24.2%, exports to Russia a drop of forty-two percent, higher & other;But exports to China increased by more than twenty-seven percent throughout the &;.In 2009, ranked top of the Italian textile machinery exporter is China, the China textile machinery imported from Italy for more than 250 million euros, much higher than the second Indian imports of 93 million euros.Italian plastic rubber processing machinery and mould maker association executive director of the crow’s European & middot;Qi, who confirmed the status of China rubber machinery market in Italy, he said, plastic and rubber processing machinery, Italy in the top 10 export markets, China is second only to Germany, France, Russia ranked fourth.Suppliers according to the international mold and metal plastic industry association secretary general luo hui is introduced, the Italian plastic and rubber processing machinery manufacturers and mold manufacturers association (Assocomaplast) was founded in 1960, is a non-profit organization, with 160 members, is Italy plastic rubber equipment and auxiliary die area is the most important manufacturers.Association’s main purpose is to improve the Italian plastic rubber processing technology at home and abroad, the cognitive, Italy plastic rubber processing technology both in production and exports are among the best in the world.It must be noted that, the Italian plastic rubber machinery manufacturing export volume ranks second in the world, and since the 1950 s will be able to provide a full range of the origin of reliable performance of the machine.In 2009, China is of the Italian plastic rubber equipment export 4 big target market, accounting for 4.78% share of total exports in Italy.2010 Italian rubber and plastic machinery, equipment and mold recovery in overseas markets, including the Chinese market a strong rebound, currently ranked second in the Italy’s main export market.Based on the current situation, the Italian trade association expected output growth of about 8% this year, exports, total sales income is expected to more than 3.5 billion euros.Assocomaplast said recently, ISTAT data show that in September 1, 2010, Italian rubber and plastic machinery, equipment and tooling recovery in overseas markets.On the whole, exports increased by 6.5% compared with the same period last year, if only considering the mechanical (excluding equipment and mold), the data will also be increased to 12.5%.Imports increased by 20%.From the point of geography, the European market share lost 5.2% (including the eu – 2.2%, other European region – 15.6%), but still is the most important of the Italian export destination, accounting for 56%.American market showed the opposite trend, the export 277 million euros, about 20%, the north American free trade area NAFTA (131 million euros, up 23.3% from a year earlier), and South America (135 million euros, + 64.7%) are doing well.Positive posture, but also in Asia, especially in the far east (+ 31%) and China, which is strong rebound (+ 43%), the main export purpose in Italy, ranked second in the market.Luo hui explains, China exported to Italy, plastic and rubber machine is an important target market, in a few years ago after reaching some peak, since 2004 has been steady at 1.1 to 120 million euros.Some decline in 2008-2009, 2010 in the first half of Italy’s exports to China of recovery: in fact, compared with the same period in 2009 (30.6.2009), jumped 68%, exports more than 55 million euros.It is worth noting that the export of large part (22%) from extruder and extrusion production line, in general, is usually high value-added equipment is customized according to customer’s specific needs.This phenomenon is good shows that on the one hand, China’s processing manufacturer of custom equipment needs to improve their existing equipment, on the other hand illustrates Italian manufacturers have to provide the ability of high technology, high quality high productivity turn-key project.Assocomaplast society members according to the survey in December, more than 70% of the respondents expected full-year 2010 revenue growth from last year, and look forward to more than half 10% of growth.Compared with October this year, 40% of the company’s orders growth in November, recovery signal from Russia, the region is to return to the first five big export markets.Based on the current situation, the Italian trade association expected output growth of about 8% this year, exports, total sales income is expected to more than 3.5 billion euros.