In 2018 China (hefei) international machinery and electronic products fair

Published on 2018-11-26

Invitation letter organizer: China network of mechanical and electronic products of mechanical and electronic industry in anhui province association of the international chamber of commerce in anhui province support units: mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce in China’s anhui province economic and information commission of anhui province business hall of China international trade promotion committee in anhui province in anhui province environmental protection association to undertake units: mechanical and electrical industry association (lam hoi culture communication co., LTD., hefei in anhui province does lead the industry development, the attention of the global race to 2017 China (hefei) international machinery and electronic products trade fair has been successfully held, a total of more than 500 for exhibitors, the exhibition enterprise 65% for manufacturers, 19% agents\/distributors\/dealers, 11.5% association\/trade institutions, 4.5% for service enterprises, the participation degree of satisfaction of 80% or more.Received more than 20000 professional audience, mainly from mechanical die casting, industrial automation robots, auto parts, hardware machinery, aerospace, welding sheet metal, new energy, new materials and so on more than 20 industries.Midea, haier, gree, sanyo, TCL, royalstar, mei ling, whirlpool, jing hong, boe and jianghuai auto, chery automobile, home appliance industry in anhui heli forklift, nk buses in anhui province key enterprise groups more than 2000 people visit the procurement, rave reviews.2018 “machine SEC” organizer will continue to play their own advantages, integration of industry resources, strengthen international cooperation, improve the level of the exhibition, increase the degree of internationalization;Comprehensively promote the development of domestic electrical and mechanical industry, and promote the mechanical and electrical industry at home and abroad exchanges and cooperation;Promote sales combined with the dock with the user units, production enterprises, promote the mechanical and electrical products to dock with the terminal consumer, to achieve maximum trading at the scene.2018 SEC “machine” will be to promote domestic and foreign mechanical and electrical industry, interactive communication platform;Become excellent published at home and abroad excellent mechanical and electrical enterprise brand and service window.2018 SEC “machine” exhibition area will reach 30000 ㎡.\u203B 参展范围及展区分布涵盖五金、机械、汽车、电子、电器等所有机电产品涉及的上下游产业链企业钣金冲压及金属成形展区激光设备、钣金加工、钣金机械、特种成形机械、钣金焊接设备、钣金、冲压材料等机床及工模具展区机床及工模具设备、激光设备、机床附件及工模具配件、数控系统、金属切削、工程机械、仪表仪器、机械基础件、通用机械、铸造件等焊接器材与切割设备展区电焊设备与器材、气焊、气割设备、焊接辅机器具、焊接材料、焊接配件等五金机电及综合机电展区建筑五金、日用五金、装饰五金、刀具、电动工具、起重工具、气动工具、园林工具、切割工具、手动工具、磨料磨具等,其它机械制造、照明工业、电工电料、消防器材、安全防护等机电产品及服务工业自动化及机器人展区工业自动化设备、高端智能装备、工业机器人、3D打印、云制造等汽车及零部件展区 乘用车、商用车、电动车、专用车、摩托车及零部件等橡塑及包装机械展区各种注塑机、挤出机及生产线、吹塑机、吹瓶机、热成型机、吸塑机、裁断机、橡胶机械等橡塑装备、橡塑辅助设备、橡塑包装及印刷机械等电线电缆展区 电线电缆设备、电线电缆材料、电子线材、电缆附件、检测仪器、测控技术、光纤光缆制造设备及材料等新能源新材料展区核电、风电、太阳能、生物质能、地热能设备及技术,高性能复合材料、金属基复合材料、粉末冶金、硬质合金、纳米材料等\u203B参展费用展位类别价格 特殊说明特装展台680元\/㎡ 36㎡起租标准展台(9㎡)6800元\/个 双开口加收800元\/个1、标准展台:规格为长3m×宽3m×高2.5m;Consult table size: 974 * 474 * 474 mm;The booth configuration: a table for consulting, two office chairs, two lamps, a trash bin, a 5 a socket;2, special decoration booth for light, without attaching any facilities, does not include the special assembly hall charge fee and rental and leasing, water and electricity fee.Does attend trade shows at the same time you will have the opportunity to participate in 1, the development of Chinese electromechanical industry peak BBS top 100 enterprises and 2018 in anhui province, mechanical and electrical industry innovation conference 2, mechanical and electrical remit ccpit \u203B 1 exhibition industry alliance of supply and demand, please fill in the booth application form, sign with stamp after scanning or by fax to the organizing committee, to determine the qualification, otherwise the application for the booth is not retained.Did not pay the corresponding payment within a prescribed period of time, the organizing committee reserves the right to cancel its participation qualifications.2, booth and advertising will be arranged by the organizing committee.Order allocation principle is: “first apply, first pay, first distribution”, organizing\/sponsor units can arrange priority.The venue to ensure that the overall effect, the organizing committee reserves the right to final adjustment booth.