The top 10 and AGV robot is the most promising listed companies in China

Published on 2019-12-10

Robot has been a rush of 2 class market & otherThe bestselling & throughout;, any of the listed company, whatever results, as long as you can with the concept of robot reference, immediately by investors, share prices soared.Data show that in three years time, a-share market more than more than 80 mergers and acquisitions of listed companies or investment the robot and intelligent automation projects.That, of course, among them there are crossover concept transformation, a flash in the pan in the field of robots, robot stocks of this distinction.In fact, the real robot in the domestic market secure a place in the robot stocks are numbered, we combined with the performance of listed companies, domestic robot industry layout as well as the comprehensive strength of inventory out of the top ten of the most promising listed companies in China in 2015.And with strong manipulator in the world of Chinese community, it is unable to break through, but in the branch of the robot, everyone seems to be more bullish on robot concept in a niche, AGV.AGV’s home to do a bold forecast, all of the listed company will carry out the cause of AGV robot layout.And see 10 listed companies now: a.Siasun robot has AGV2014 siasun robot achieve revenue of 1.524 billion yuan, up 15.50% from a year earlier.Attributable to common shareholders of listed companies net profit of 326 million yuan, up 30.34% from a year earlier.The 2015 interim results in the trailer, siasun robot a profit of 156 million yuan – 156 million yuan.Siasun robot under the Chinese academy of sciences, is the first robot of the listed company, the company’s product line covers industrial robots, cleaning robot, mobile robot and special robot and intelligent service robot, five series of industrial robot products fill the blank of the number of domestic and clean robot repeatedly break the foreign technology monopoly and blockade, numerous replace imported;At present, siasun robot has identified & other2 + N + M”Mode.The domestic headquarters in shenyang, international headquarters in Shanghai, its construction in Qingdao city N regional company, under the different regions of the company set up different engineering applications, such as service unit, form the network layout.After crossing the $1.5 billion revenue mark in 2014, the guangzhou CNC, ace meal, PE etc. Annual sales of less than one hundred million yuan in the domestic enterprise can nearly as domestic robot, siasun robot further cemented his place in the domestic leader in the field of robot.Siasun now for AGV leading domestic enterprises, the synchronization of automotive powertrain and rear axle assembly, tracking, lifting AGV has a monopoly in the world car industry.2.Huachang huachang AGV2015 years of semi-annual performance forecast shows a profit?60 million yuan -?6200?Ten thousand yuan, an increase of 795.20?% to 825.04%, it is worth noting that compared with its 2014 results, huachang reach since acquisition DE MeiKe integrated benefit is remarkable.Huachang amounted to 2014 operating income of 437 million yuan, up 106.04% from a year earlier, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 49.1301 million yuan, up 185.80% from a year earlier, its net profit growth nearly doubled;Huachang up to the original business mainly production and sale of automobile assembly production line, r&d costs more than 1500 in 2013, the company invested 2013 yuan for including AGV system and robot integration application, project research and development.In 2014, 10 times huachang reached in 630 million is a premium to buy DE MeiKe 100% stake in Shanghai;In 2015, huachang to deal the price of $53.5 million in cash out to sea again buy the DMW.Shanghai DE MeiKe integration system suppliers, is an industrial robot has focused on industrial robot complete sets of equipment and production line design, development, production and sales;And DMW is the focus on providing material management system provider for auto production line, mainly for north American auto industry and the industrial market maker, the United States is the largest one of auto intelligent equipment system integrators.At the same time, huachang relevant sources, in the company’s overseas acquisitions this year, should have project to the ground.It’s not hard to predict, with greater huachang da in capital operation level, if huachang danone maximize the integration of Shanghai DE MeiKe, DMW and acquisition target subsequent advantage resources, it is expected to become the domestic robot system integration in one of the giants.Huachang people sail AGV as early as 13 years.