The robot industry has the strength of the listed companies have?

Published on 2018-11-26

In recent years, the rapid development of robot industry in China.According to the national bureau of statistics, in 2015 China’s industrial robot production for 32996 units, year-on-year growth of 21.7%.In the robot industry rapid development of the moment, you know what the robot industry has the strength of the listed companies?Reader: small make up, the robot industry is very hot now, a lot of machine tool production agent run to make robots.Besides siasun robot, huazhong nc both do the big business, you know what the robot industry has the strength of the listed companies?Small make up: small make up for the reader is needed.The reader to ask this question is very good, small make up looked up some information, for you to list the following part of the robot industry has the strength of the listed companies for your reference.Wish the small make up answer can let the reader satisfaction.Siasun robot for the gem listed plate.Siasun corporation is a robot and automation technology as the core, committed to the high technology of digital high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises, in the industrial robot, intelligent logistics, automation of complete sets of equipment, cleaning equipment, laser technology and equipment, rail transportation, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, power equipment, special equipment and intelligent service robot, and other fields was noted.immunohistochemical development of industrial clusters.Companies based on independent innovation, formed the unique technology, the core components, leading products and system solutions for the integration of complete industrial chain.ZhiYun stake in Dalian Zhiyun Automation Co., Ltd formerly known as Dalian ZhiYun machine auxiliary machinery Co., Ltd., founded in June 4, 1999.ZhiYun co is a leading domestic engine field complete set of automation equipment, solution, the company sets of automatic detection and automatic assembly of solid domestic market.Company research and development of successful design in our country the first steering machine assembly, measuring automatic line, the first plane nc coating machine, the first six axis robot coating machine.Huazhong CNC company engaged in the numerical control system and its equipment research and development, production and sales, is the domestic few have complete sets of core technology and independent intellectual property rights with independent supporting ability of one of the enterprises.Company through independent innovation, and high-grade CNC system in our country, the key features of high-grade CNC machine tool product development has made a major breakthrough, the key breakthrough a batch of CNC system is the key unit technologies;Conquer the reliability scale production process and key technology, formed a series, medium and high-grade CNC system products.In the field of servo drive, the company has independently developed the domestic leading level of the digital ac servo drive unit and motor, digital ac servo spindle drive unit and the spindle motor, can provide users with complete sets of numerical control system solutions.