Plastic crisis sweeps across the whole world 7 billion tons o

Published on 2020-09-08

As industrialized ceaseless development, the mankind is more and more serious to environmental destruction. Not only the forest decreases ceaselessly, climate is heated, plastic wait cannot degradation rubbish is increasing also.

According to round-the-world network news, global each district is at present right of plastic rubbish reclaim rate is extremely low, build 7 billion tons of rubbish to reclaim to be become only, every second has 3400 plastic bottle to be discarded, every year 8 million tons flow into ocean. Global each district, the stack on many beach cannot degradation rubbish, have hindering view not only, and still caused to ocean environment play havoc with.

According to data statistic, only 2015, the whole world produces plastic products to exceed 300 million tons, according to forecasting, plastic production still will break up 20 years one time in future, arrive to will break up 3 times 2050, achieve 3. 1.8 billion tons. As a result of hard degradation, we have six hundred and fifty-eight million and sixty-seven thousand four hundred and fifty-six plastic fragments in today’s ocean, enough exceeds 400 weeks around the earth. Light is to think this picture feels terrible.

More those who let a person be accepted hard is, after these rubbish flow into ocean, still be waited to eat by seabird, fish into abdomen, until dead, these plastic fragments still are done not have in abdomen dissolve.

So, protective environment everybody has duty, the production that we should reduce industry and civil and plastic container, use, let live scientificly for the mankind service.