Environmental protection superintend and director is checked

Published on 2018-11-26

Economic norms of a few cities shows ascendant trend
The Beijing ferry look forward to that duration is as long as a year and circumjacent area ” 2+26 ” superintend and director of aggrandizement of prevention and cure of urban air pollution is checked (superintend and director of aggrandizement of the following abbreviation is checked) undertaking. One kind is talked quite did not come loose from beginning to end,
Is the fact such really? Include today inside, environmental protection ministry reported the practice of city of a few ground and relevant investigation data continuously. Fact and data show, in environmental pressure force under, the company of a few places such as city of city of Shandong province Jinan, Henan province Zhengzhou, new close city is successful transition, economic norms not only did not appear to glide considerably, show ascendant trend instead.
In the meantime, still a few cities carry state of environmental protection high pressure from beginning to end, severity investigates an environment to violate a problem, gravity asks duty responsibility person. After environmental protection storm, not only economy did not continue, air is not bad.
Occurrence growth of economic uninfluenced much ground
The bulletin weighs environmental protection ministry today, jinan municipal government invests 36 billion yuan this year, advance aid steel to remove stoutly project, have produce per year 12 million tons of iron and steel to produce can aid steel already at the beginning of this year July overall stop production. In the meantime, old industrial district of Jinan city the eastpart part already completed 54 companies remove; Already demolished boiler 323; Right ” messy corrupt ” the enterprise undertook centralized punish.
“2017 first half of the year, gross of Jinan city GDP is three hundred and forty-one billion seven hundred and forty million yuan, economy is added compared to the same period fast for 8.3% . 2017 1 to August, jinan city fixed assets investment grows 15.2% compared to the same period, finance income grows 12.4% compared to the same period, house Shandong is saved the first, taxation proportion increases compared to the same period 80.6% , total of profit of company of industry of above of Jinan city dimensions grows 10.1% compared to the same period, with ‘ condition of new technology, new industry, new job, new pattern ‘ the new kinetic energy that is a delegate is increasing ceaselessly, with high cost can the industry provides to decrease further for low end of the representing, industry grew to achieve new old kinetic energy smoothly change turn block. ” this group of data that publish from environmental protection ministry look, apparent, environmental protection storm did not make the economic norms of Jinan city gives now to slip.
The economy of new close city did not get likewise the influence of environmental protection storm. Introduce according to environmental protection ministry, new close city borrows superintend and director of situation environmental protection to check, have industrial structure transition in the round. Main economic norms is after the short-term labour pains that experienced small last year fall after a rise, picked up in the round 2017. “This year 1 to in August, crop of fireproof material of new close city 7.996 million tons, grow 7.0% compared to the same period; Production value 53.43 billion yuan, grow 7.7% ; Raise a cost 9.85 billion yuan, grow 4.9% ; Taxation 330 million yuan, grow 40.9% ; Integrated specific power consumption drops 12.5% . The contributive rate that fireproof data industry grows to industry is amounted to 28.1% , the contributive rate that grows to whole city economy is amounted to 16.7% . ” environmental protection ministry points out, borrow environmental protection superintend and director to check undertaking the industry upgrades in the round is economy of new close city lasts to good main reason.
27 areas are an area with larger strength of punish of Zhengzhou city environmental protection, carried out not only ” do not allow not to amount to mark to violate construction, production; Do not allow to be replaced with shutdown rectify and reform ” wait for forbidden measure, and still build ” Internet + ” platform of accurate punish of essence of air pollution prevention and cure, integrated area put together treats video monitoring, ” blue sky bodyguard ” , the monitoring resource such as fixed position of GPS of car of broken bits earth, synchronism develops mobile phone APP, examine monitoring to order a case at any time, the monitoring that forms round-the-clock, stereo type ” day net ” .
Measure of so severe environmental protection control not only the economy that did not affect 27 areas grows, instead before this year 8 months, 27 areas whole area finishs general and communal budgetary receipts 1.96 billion yuan, grow 9.8% ; Dimensions above industry raises a cost 3.07 billion yuan, grow 5.1% ; Social consumable total volume of retail sales 31.4 billion yuan, grow 12% ; Fixed assets invests 23.95 billion yuan, grow 14.7% .
Environmental protection ministry discloses, 27 areas visit town 19 times priority discipline, annual plan invests 19.3 billion yuan, already completed investment 13.6 billion yuan. 150 100 million yuan of above are great project, the plan invests 45.2 billion yuan, already completed investment 27.4 billion yuan. 2.13 million ㎡ finds a place for the room realizes picket radical construction, 1.14 million ㎡ finds a place for the room answers change smoothly.
Gravity asks duty conduct environmental protection pressure effectively
Check in the light of aggrandizement superintend and director, ji Jinlu of branch and Beijing ferry pleaseds 6 provinces municipal government published plan of assault fortified positions jointly related environmental protection ministry and the State Council, quantify ask duty the measure such as plan. Introduce according to environmental protection ministry, a few cities increased problem and nonfeasance, slow to breaking the law factitive to investigate reach ask duty strength.
To ensure ” messy corrupt ” punish of enterprise to clear and standard of standard component industry promote, environmental protection ministry expresses, city of Dan of Heibei province Han always year the area held water by the area appoint, the associated superintend and director that district government superintend and director investigates ministry of room, organization to comprise guides group, to each the job undertakes aggrandizement superintend and director guides, dog ask effect, report everyday, attemper regularly, issue flow red, Huang Qi; In the meantime, to the branch that lags behind continuously and villages and towns, by constituent ministry, discipline appoint censorial bureau basis undertakes agreement talking asking about the regulation duty, the severe member that check serious place to serve as a person nonfeasance, slow.
Environmental protection department says, up to by September, han Dan city always year the area is started to 123 people ask duty program, among them, give punish of party card discipline 77 people, commandment exert oneself talks 11 people, notice of criticism 35 people, ensured responsibility is fulfilled reach the designated position, pressure is conducted reach the designated position.
Ask in aggrandizement duty while, print and distribute of Han Dan city ” about be opposite ” messy corrupt ” enterprise and standard component enterprise steal a platoon to put illegal production to execute the announce that informs against publicly secretly ” ; Public security, environmental protection begins night to check continuously check with assault, violate the compasses production, company that steals a platoon to be put secretly to breaking the law, lawfully severe blow, from severe from investigate legal duty again. Introduce according to environmental protection ministry, end at present, han Dan city already moved send public security the case 52 cases, among them criminal case 9, criminal detains 9 people, batch arrest 5 people; Administration detains a case 43 cases, administration detains 47 people.
Jinan city also increased the blow strength that violates act to the environment. Disclose according to environmental protection ministry, up to now, jinan city investigates an environment to pollute criminal case 5 cases in all, administration is detained 5 cases, the member that arrest illegal suspect 16 people, put on record 236, fine 8.754 million yuan. Came on September 15 on October 9, the environmental problem that group of go on a tour of inspection of environmental protection ministry checks early days to rectify and reform in all 430, already finished rectify and reform 416, occupy than 96.7% .
Quality of environment of a few zones is improved apparently
Environmental protection ministry starts the aggrandizement superintend and director that lasts one year to check, the purpose is for improvement ” 2+26 ” environmental quality of the city. Up to now aggrandizement superintend and director is checked had had close half an year, the environmental quality of a few cities begins to appear to good trend.
Introduce according to environmental protection ministry, through launching promotion of punish of standard component industry, han Dan city always year the environmental quality of the area gets clear improvement. Always year index of area air quality relatively before Cha Qi of aggrandizement superintend and director was moved May, deodorization oxygen (O3) increases somewhat outside, the others sulfur of aggregate index of quality of 6 index air, PM10, PM2.5, 2 oxidation (SO2) , carbon monoxide (oxide of CO) , nitrogen (NO2) parts relatively dropped May 21.37% , 31.0% , 16.7% , 7.9% , 38.1% , 35.7% . “Bask in blue sky, pat egret ” had become latter always year the atmosphere with masses friend the most active group.
It is Han Dan city not only always year area, introduce according to environmental protection ministry, aggregate index of quality of good day number, PM2.5, PM10, air is located in the 27 areas of Zhengzhou city continuously Zhengzhou city front row. Index of PM2.5 of new close city, PM10 falls continuously, empty temperament measures good day number to rank Zhengzhou city front row, quality of area water environment is improved in the round.