Ba Sifu research and development is light quantify material t

Published on 2019-12-10

According to estimation, to 2020, the pure report motor-car, 5% – 8% that mixes motor-car and the crop that insert electric type to mix motor-car to will hold car total output. Car manufacturer is main and at present dedicated at lengthening the add boat course of development, technology that reduces cost in order to attract common the person that drive.

In June, woerwo announces Swedish car manufacturer, since 2019 the banner finishs all new models will dynamoelectric change, revealed this company to use the firm support of the car to report again. Not come singly but in pairs, tesla also released Model 3 of motor-car of first par report, price is not worth 40000 dollars, add boat course of development achieved 200 miles.

The demand that mixes motor-car and electric motor-car is more and more pressing. Lou Jianfeng of senior vice president represents department of business of whole world of material of Ba Sifu batteries: All car manufacturer, no matter scope magnitude, reducing cost eagerly, increase add boat mileage and assure security, and prolong service life.

What reduce specific power consumption from batteries material expect is light quantify a component, ba Sifu offerred perfect dynamoelectric traffic solution for the client, help car manufacturer answer afore-mentioned challenges through research and development.

Batteries material

Optimize batteries material science, it is to add electric car / confuse course of development of motor-car add boat, lengthen service life and the basic approach that reduce cost.

For this, ba Sifu invests extensively have research and development, offerred perfect material product to combine; to be built in global strategy market at the same time for the client produce can, help a client solve intellectual property problem through reasonable accredit, include to realize nickel cobaltic manganese to the quantity of compound anode material is produced and be sold with collaboration of laboratory of state of tribute of A of American energy department, and the patent accredit agreement that reachs CAM-7 of material of patent of tall nickel anode with CAMX Power LLC.

Advanced material science is the key of contented trade demand

Reduce use price the cobalt with costly, scarce reserves, acting with cost the element with cheaper, more substantial reserve, the development trend; that is an industry raises nickel manganese content is a kind of among them way namely. In the cell that uses in inchoate and electric car, the scale of cobalt and other element is relative relatively balanced; but the scale of nickel has been achieved now 60% the left and right sides, be as high as 80% even sometimes.

At the same time Basifu is returned cooperate with each courtyard place, college and companionate enterprise, long-term investment, joint research and development faces the systematic solution of batteries of whole solid state and protective lithium negative pole.

Advanced material science is the key of contented trade demand, michael Fetcenko of president of division of North America of material of Ba Sifu batteries expresses: These positive electrode material still are optimized adequately without passing, because this Basifu thinks hopeful adopts progress step by step,revolutionary progress answers afore-mentioned challenges, make electric car expects with what mix motor-car to achieve final user to rise increasingly. As the rapid growth of the market, we spread all over global production and network of research and development, and the professional knowledge in material domain, will become Basifu to turn up one’s nose at the foundation of the industry.

Characteristic material

Like the technical challenge that settles batteries material, reduce truckload weight, reduce the flammability, material that reduces project of electric arc discharge, use height to change in order to avoid the physics of the component and chemical ageing, it is to realize traffic report to move the key that change likewise.

Batteries is bigger, capability of boat of electric car add is stronger, but they can increase likewise truckload weight, provide higher demand to heat management. Face these challenges, ba Sifu continues to enlarge plastic product to combine, satisfy the requirement of next generation batteries technologies in order to have the innovation solution of unique character.

For example, compare with metallic component photograph, use thermoplastic the weight of the crust of plastic production can be reduced at most 30% . When using the Ba Sifu Ultramid that 35% Bo fine enhances, supplier of a gleam of can be decreased even heavy 51% .

In addition, the intensity with remarkable profit from and high temperature resistant function, ultramid is thermoplastic plastic still can use at producing batteries frame. These uniqueness are qualitative not only the service life that can prolong batteries group, still can improve its performance. Use proper processing technique, these material can be in ensure stability of end board dimension while offer remarkable intensity, reduce weight.

Ba Sifu continues to enlarge plastic product to combine, satisfy the requirement of next generation batteries technologies in order to have the innovation solution of unique character.

Heat conduction guides electric colophony can reduce metallic dosage likewise, rise light quantify a level. Ba Sifu offerred the Ultramid that has good physics and mechanical quality for the client new-style fight electrostatic material, and the other product with intensity, stiffness and more outstanding conductivity.

Combination of Ba Sifu material still can be used at all sorts of high pressure connector, line cable and charge infrastructure. Have already in these products without haloid / without red phosphorus fire retardant, include again plant one by one only on the market at present be able to bear or endure the fire retardant of hydrolysis gets together to benzene 2 formic acid Ding Erchun ester. In addition, solution of Ba Sifu Ultramid Advanced N not only superior physical quality is had below high temperature environment, still can bear the test; of caustic medium because hygroscopicity is extremely low, this product still can be below damp environment maintain dimension stability.

Use production of polymer of hot solid sex cling to what bubble of several especially stretch starting a hole was electrification application to offer another ideal is light quantify plan. Its are exceedingly good high temperature resistant gender and anti-flammability can protect motor component not only, still can be cannot bear for long of high temperature all round the component provides protection.

The car manufacturer that hopes to make electrification product needs to use a project plastic solution is offerred for accurate component high temperature is protected and reduce truckload weight, dalia Naamani-Goldman of director of dynamoelectric transportation industry introduces area of North America of ministry of material of Ba Sifu character: Weight is lighter, ability of batteries add boat jumps over strong; and odd second charge add boat course of development is current one of the mainest divisional factors, this to the market character is very accordingly main.

Reduce noise

Besides decrease to be put an end to even discharge beyond, halcyon, smooth travel experience is one of advantages with electric the most absorbing car undoubtedly.

But a lot of people did not realize, noise, vibration and surface roughness brought a lot of challenge to engineers. Although electric car does not have the noise that engine lights inside the tradition, but engineers must redefine and optimize the sound inside the car, comfortable sex and experience, and the travel efficiency that does not affect vehicle.

NVH solution of Ba Sifu conduces to should challenge to this. Use can considerably attenuation is high frequency the deadening of noise, basifuke helps manufacturer devise innovation solution, optimize show of motive force of acoustics and comfortable sex, traffic and security.

The engine support that uses production of elastomer of polyurethane of Cellasto small hole is among them an example, it can be held back effectively and absorb electromagnetism pulse and the high frequency noise that torque pulse produces.

In addition, bracket of Cellasto electric motor still conduces to reduce weight, maintain the sound level inside the car and quality. Trial test shows, when use Cellasto, car manufacturer can reduce component weight at most 30% .

Reduce warm an air conditioning specific power consumption

But these systematic specific power consumption are breathtaking, can shorten the add boat course of development of batteries at most 40% – 50% .

Be in annual the hottest or the coldest season, the very much person that drive can be opened heat, ventilated with air conditioning system in order to raise comfortable sex. To reduce solar effect, reduce specific power consumption of the refrigeration inside the car, ba Sifu developed a series of cool and refreshing dye to control the temperature inside the car in order to help. Brunet dye can absorb wh some of which even the sun quantity of heat that is as high as 90% . Dye of Ba Sifu carbon black can reflex incident sunlight, reduce absorptivity, drop exterior temperature Celsius of 15 – 20 thereby.

Using cool and refreshing dye to help OEM carry a car while the surface is cool, branch of Ba Sifu activator also is acting actively, in order to reduce the effect of heating refrigeration system to batteries. Use warm advancedly an air conditioning technology, ba Sifu solution can improve recycle efficiency, prevent damp and carbon dioxide to enter a car inside, can use phone the add boat course of development of the car to lengthen at most 10% .

Ba Sifu realizes, car manufacturer and supplier are formulating relevant strategy actively, in order to solve with dynamoelectric turn concerned challenge, will continue to develop the rich and professional knowledge in chemistry and material domain, help a client further. Lou Jianfeng says.