Shandong bank state shuts stop useless old plastic mill to re

Published on 2019-12-10

Bai Qiang, red tile, greenery, clean air, neat village, shandong province bank state city bank Liu aunt of 67 years old did not think of Guo Zicun of Liu of Xue Zhen of willow of the city zone, of the village useless old plastic reclaim treatment mill closes after stopping one year, the environment that oneself live can happen so about-face.

These year, liu Guo Zicun has many villagers to be engaged in abandoning old plastic reclaim and plastic smash treatment, peculiar smell of formation noise, air makes the villager bitter can’t bear character.

Shandong bank state shuts stop useless old plastic mill to return to green water green hill

Last year in July, village two appoint delegate of member, Party member, masses, and plastic treatment door and buy a delegate 20 much people, discuss plastic treatment mill to close jointly stop a problem. Decide pair of Liu Guo Zicun finally mill of 19 plastic treatment, 23 the home is plastic buy store the dot is banned thoroughly lawfully. To prevent to rebound, be in lawfully while nip off involves the three-phase report of useless old plastic mill and manufacturing water supply, thoroughly clear empty equipment, raw material and product.

Close stopped, we did not have a thing to work, smooth cultivate land? Have plastic treatment door report.

Obtain employment problem everybody is at ease, town government has been mixed bank the institute has contacted city profession to groom class, help great master be transferred to civilian work, transition undertakes vocational training. Liu Xue presses down Ren Yang when deputy alcalde Zhao Xuefeng is affirmatory to everybody.

Groom besides skill, willow snow presses down a government to still contact garden area company, the organization holds invite applications for a job to meet, do poineering work for broad villager, obtain employment provides a help.

Constituent skill grooms class, build obtain employment platform, liu Guo Zicun greets transition to do poineering work the 2nd spring.

Liu Jianhui of 43 years old says, manage for years let him be in gain profit while, clearer and clearer also, useless old plastic treatment has polluted air and water. Liu Jianhui closes the mill that stopped his self-consciously. The farmer skill that he organizes through entering a government grooms class, pass an entrance examination card of solderer mount guard. After to Tian Hao the manufactory goes to work, he every month can get; of 449 yuan of salary his wife also enters the yard near to be engaged in processing a trade, every month can make more than 2000 money.

Villager Liu Jianjun was bought fall south two cart begin to run carry, additional still buy him Liu Wenjie of two mower; opened room of a cake, small shop is managed vivid and dramatic.

Build obtain employment platform through the government, the trouble back at home that villager of Liu Guo Zicun does poineering work 2 times gets settlement. And big to the age, the villager of domestic difficulty, the branch such as civil administration undertook helping helping up, use up the greatest ability to exalt the acquisition of the villager feeling and happy feeling.

Did not have useless old plastic huddle chaos is put and noise airy is polluted, the sclerosis of Liu Guo Zicun, beautification, bright change, afforest is making promotion according to the standard stage by stage. Below green water bank, blue sky, it is the beautiful new rural area that look brand-new.