Farming store, informatization agriculture platform welcomes

Published on 2018-11-26

China is big country of the agriculture in a development that has 1.3 billion population. Agriculture is considered as to bring the strategic industry of the world, certain common feelings of people in Chinese all through the ages. Be in China, agriculture is the first industry, it is the foundation of national economy. The basic means of subsistence such as the food that agricultural production provides is the principal premise that human society lives and develops, the odd product that door of Ministry of Agriculture creates is a society existence of other production branch and sectional main base.

However, our country traditional agriculture also is put in structure of door of Ministry of Agriculture more onefold, scale of production lesser, management and manufacturing technology still effect of ecosystem of more backward, agriculture economy of low, goods is weaker wait for a lot of problem, the road that transition of traditional agriculture trend upgrades already was no time to delay.

Since put forward 2015 ” Internet + ” since the strategy, the government has published a series of policy to be advanced energetically thick and fast in agricultural domain ” Internet + ” contemporary agriculture, chinese agriculture accumulate contained tremendous opportunity is cutting a figure. Data makes clear, business of produce cable of annual our country traded 2016 the forehead breaks through 220 billion yuan, predict to come 2020, will achieve 800 billion yuan of; to end at present, the farmer is occupied already amounted to than Chinese netizen 27% , dimensions breaks through 200 million person, this tremendous development potential and impetus are sure to lead industry of our country agriculture to change direction.

Internet brought agriculture to produce the new opportunity that means changes and industrial catenary recombines, make the new engine that drive agriculture competition ability promotes. On one hand, “Internet + ” reframing produce is current catenary. “Internet + ” those who broke produce to give priority to body for carrier and middleman with terminal market is mutiple level current situation, formed the supply and demand that with electric business content shedding is a foundation to be connected continuously, producing area cooperates with, sell the land fast the new-style produce that amount to is current central; on the other hand, “Internet + ” still be in heavy model is contemporary agricultural industry system.

In Internet + below benefit nice topological features of agriculture, bai Zhenxing established agriculture is brand-new platform — farming store. Farming the fast transmission advantage that the store combines big data, to numerous the produce that farming look forward to produces is offerred the opportunity is revealed on more lines, the country the product confluence of former juice raw ingredient enters content of science and technology, improve rural production and sale efficiency.

Current, bai Zhenxing establishs farming the store includes face of oily rice of aquatic product of fruit, pasturage, grain, pork kind, the produce such as material of arboreous flowers and plants, Chinese traditional medicine, vegetable, want the produce that is your need only, in Bai Zhenxing farming can search on the store get! Besides produce, farming the store still provides the newer agriculture information, information such as equipment of agricultural prices, agriculture, newest the most complete agriculture is relevant information, revitalizing in vain only farming in the store! Farming store had gone up line, open is entered in the round halt seek advice, white gentleman: 13940667778

Farming the store expanded sale space, do away with district limitation, use network get through the road of sale, formed benign and interactive. Farming the store is when revitalize Internet of active and active hug in vain brand-new attempt, future, farming the store still will continue to expand, expect more farming look forward to are joined among them, capture farming the new opportunity that industrial transition upgrades!

Current, farming store had gone up line, open is entered in the round halt seek advice, white gentleman: 13940667778.