Indonesian and successful development is plastic trash uses a technology

Published on 2018-11-26

According to coverage of Indonesian place media, technical institute of Indonesian government, Banding, Indonesian olefin is plastic with balmy agent industry association, Indonesian plastic reclaim the contented family name of subordinate of PT Polytama Propindo of manufacturer of polypropylene of association, Indonesian plastic raw material and company of chemistry of contented family name packs as plastic as special type company 6 collaboration, 2017 the end of the year uses 3.5 tons of plastic waste material and bitumen successfully to mix, in Java saves heart wave laid on the west the way with 1.8 long kilometers, road area amounts to 9781 square metre. This technology is offerred by company of chemistry of contented family name. According to the report, the way that uses useless plastic laid opens way than general more durable and strong. This pilot project last a period of time two months. Although Indonesian road and center of bridge research and development are in,have a test to this road, but Indonesian ocean plans as a whole the ministry already was this project national level project certainly.

2017, indonesian and public project and success of bureau of housing department research and development use plastic waste material and bitumen mixture to be in cling to li island black the laid inside campus of Da Yana university 700 meters long road surface, long 1 kilometer is wide the plastic waste material that the 7 highway of rice want amounts to 2.5 tons, and need 5 tons to road of carring capacity goods. In addition, useless plastic compare common bitumen with bitumen mixture more stick, stability increases 40% , durable sex is better also. In Wudayana university experiment succeeds hind, technology of plastic bitumen mixture will be in further Jakarta, do not add Xi Hesi water to use. Indonesian of 16 cities plastic reclaim association will be in charge of supplying useless plastic.

Indonesian it is production country of the 2nd big marine and plastic rubbish. This kind uses technology of viatic of laid of plastic waste material, will become those who handle plastic waste material to settle one of way, conduce to reduce marine pollution and development loop economy. Indonesian president Zun Ke is met in hamburger G20 peak acceptance will reduce the maritime and plastic rubbish of 70% before 2025.