Japanese king makes paper factory of fiber of cellulose accept rice begins go into operation

Published on 2018-11-26

Japanese king controls paper company all 10 tons / year experiment factory, began to produce fiber of cellulose accept rice in Shikoku island in January 2018. This company sells its product with Ellex brand, the staple that includes to be used at plastic composite material increases wait for target application.

The plastic composite material that this company plans to use this factory to produce has trial production, it is a target in order to enhance plastic composite material, improve treatment performance. Its target application includes car and electric equipment part.

Current, cost remains a problem of CNF, its cost price is every kilograms of 50 dollars. But the supplier predicts, after with enlarge in workmanship extensive field gets improvement, final price will fall to about 5 dollars / kilogram.

Make paper besides Japanese king, japan makes paper and princely paper also be in production CNF. Begin from April 2017, japan makes paper be located in the factory of Shi Juan city to begin to produce CNF, its commercial scale is 500 tons / year. In September 2017, this company still established one family expenses to enhance the demonstrative factory of plastic material at producing CNF in Japanese Fuji city, study polypropylene, polyethylene and polyamide.

In December 2016, princely paper started a pilot factory to produce CNF in rich ridge city, produce can be 40 tons / year. Like the CNF product of other vendor, the accept rice fiber that this factory produces is transparent.