Propylene goes up, PP sees spruce stage model change stage model flourish into fill

Published on 2018-11-26

Cold current invades Korea, KPIC, SKGC two aggregate 580 thousand tons of propylene produce a line to be shut temporarily, supply decrease, propylene is newest merchandise on hand quotes strong raise evens more 5% , on station of every tons of price 1, 150 dollars, climb butadiene of new in November 2014 tall; to also figure a BDH shutdown or reduction of output because of home, quote is played by force 6% , breakthrough 1, 400 dollars, stage model turns profit indebted into fill.

Influence place and, downstream PP upgrades in propylene and home appliance, car demand is added hold, increase cost, demand double turn litre of profit much, stage model, stage is changed reach flourish to change outstanding achievement also hopeful is moved repeatedly advance.

According to IHS beforehand appraise, asian PP imported about 7.8 million tons 2018, among them the country with the biggest demand is produced can insufficient, need a large number of imports, beforehand appraise imported more than 4.5 million tons 2017. Accompany home appliance, car to upgrade demand magnifies continuously, boom of market of tie-in home, southeast Asia is pulled carry, PP, AN and MMA prices are moderate go firm.

PP apparent consumption added country last year fast maintain 7%; to look for a long time, it is good that PP is consumed downstream at PE, main profit from is able to bear or endure to be carried with what taste domain and modified makings to replace brace up.

Stage model thinks, demand of indebted automobile data, home appliance grows reach limitation to abandon plastic import policy, add PP copolymerization class to sell 0 custom duty of past home, have custom duty advantage than other country, anticipate PP will maintain stability to gain profit this year.