shrimp case becomes plastic aspire of 15 years old of girls does Sydney environmental protection

Published on 2018-11-26

According to Australia network coverage, a schoolgirl of 15 years old invented Sydney recently a kind of new technology, can solve not only ton seafood litter, still can solve the whole world cannot the problem that degradation polybag abuses, because this new technology is OK,become change of deserted shrimp carapace, crab carapace but of degradation puissant and plastic.

According to the report, the Anjilina in on Sydney woman high school 10 grade is a scientific lover, the lab that she was in the school recently will pile crab carapace, shrimp carapace and change of litter of seafood of piscine first class successfully to become a kind frivolous bear fruit again durable but degradation is plastic, she hopes some day is completely Australian polybag is replaced the polybag of this kind of environmental protection.

My ultimate dream is a whole world this kind of polybag that all polybag replace my research and development. Anjilina says.

Occupy Anjilina to explain, there is one to plant inside shrimp carapace very strong but very soft protein polysaccharide making case, another kind when when this kind protein and she abstracts from inside silk agglutinant when very strong protein union is together, polybag was born.

She says, the protein that with the spider the cobweb that make uses is same, this kind of material is agglutinant very big, when be together it and union of housing polysaccharide albumen when you, you can be made give a lot of kinds to bear fruit again changeful plastic.