International of machinery of new have diarrhoea and sea day establishs a joint ventures

Published on 2018-11-26

General manager of department of career of sale of North America of machinery of new have diarrhoea holds a sale concurrently vice-president Peter Gardner undertook introductory to the joint ventures before this, he expresses: After the joint ventures is established, new have diarrhoea can use sea day giant productivity and purchase demand, high accuracy Japan is produced to record model machine with inferior cost in Japan.

Sea day international is not executive trustee Helmar Franz to express, the negotiation that establishs a joint ventures only then 2016 spring, both sides is in all the time collaboration, push development work. Through establishing a joint ventures, new have diarrhoea can buy raw material from Hai Tiancai, reduce the cost that machines component thereby. He expresses: Both sides is producing the respect such as technology and quality control to learn from others’s strong points to offset one’s weakness, improve product quality further, make full use of respective advantage, cooperative win-win.

New have diarrhoea still designs help sea day the product, the program is all and dynamoelectric the production methods of the machine that note model, two companies will withhold his product line severally. Masaki Kakimoto of director of management of new have diarrhoea will hold the position of day of sea of new have diarrhoea to record model machine the president of limited company holds presiding apparitor concurrently.

Kakimoto expresses: Machinery of new have diarrhoea purchases component and raw material through Xiang Haitian, can reduce manufacturing cost. New have diarrhoea will continue to be in all Japanese made noting model machine, the final general assembly of all machine that note model, try move and quality control can be in the factory of Japanese new have diarrhoea finish. He says: Mechanical meeting maintains new have diarrhoea to taste quality and function with identical before yield, low cost notes model model name to had put in the market, quality gets be controllinged strictly, maintaining the quality level that Japan produces.

Sea weather spokesman expresses, two companies are not eager to enlarging production at present, perhaps produce in the factory beyond new have diarrhoea, but the development as the joint ventures, demand evaluates the market of meeting ground new product to whether enlarge collaboration.

The international that will hold in Japan this year in October is plastic exhibit on, the CNS series that new have diarrhoea rolled out newest low cost is completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model, this machine that note model is produced in the factory of city of new have diarrhoea, cast reach other place to mechanical component offers money by sea day form a complete set. CNS series records model machine series of MD of standard of newer have diarrhoea is low-cost 20% , its place modular force to be in 50 to 100 tons between.

2011, sea day opened technical center in Tokyo, infiltrate first market of the machine that note model. Masaki Kakimoto says the technical center of sea day decides to establish a joint ventures to was not affected to new have diarrhoea.