The product selectives examination related Kunming city food model of the 44% plastic sample that pack is changed the agent exceeds bid

Published on 2018-11-26

Recently, bureau of qualitative inspect of city of Yunnan province Kunming produces quality quantity to supervise related provision of the 2nd quarter selective examination to monitored working circumstance to undertake a bulletin with risk early-warning. The bulletin shows, the food product that pack is overall this year the case is good last year, but, model changes an agent still is plastic the main and safe hidden trouble that the product that pack exists.

What the product points to related food is food is used plastic pack, paper is packed wait to contact material with food, affect food safety directly. Bureau of Kunming city qualitative inspect organized food 4 years to pack a product to supervise continuously selective examination the job, batch of product objective quality selectives examination percent of pass all maintains in 90% above.

This year 2 quarters, bureau of Kunming city qualitative inspect is opposite respectively the product that sells on the product that product production company produces related Kunming city food and market undertook supervisory selectiving examination. Among them, the product that produces to Kunming city industry selectives examination in all 100 batch sample, supervise the product that selective examination to include the plastic container such as plastic container, plastic film, polybag and edible paper container, the product that percent of pass of objective quality inspection produces for private use oneself for 95%; 14 batch, examine the product marks 86 batch, eligible 56 batch, product label percent of pass is 56% . The main quality problem of rejected product includes wholesome target unqualified, paper container compressive strength label label is unqualified, unqualified.

Additional, product sample undertakes risk early-warning monitor related the food that sells on the market that 80 batch chose in selectiving examination, line of the products includes to last velar bag, one-time meal is provided, straw, paper beautiful, paper dish etc, this second 30 monitored paper sample that pack all did not detect piece but brightening gent of migratory sex fluorescence, the case is good last year. And plastic the of 44% sample model in packing changes an agent to exceed set limit to to be worth, with compared last year, scale is reduced somewhat.

Courtyard of Yunnan province qualitative check is light industrial institute director Chen Gong introduces, model changes an agent is additive of a kind of plastic products, because model turns the result good, price is low and get applied extensively. Consider to discover, the model in plastic products changes an agent in the can migratory, provision that sinks place to pack, can cause certain harm to human body.