Environmental protection superintend and director is checked, various places the current situation of plastic plant

Published on 2018-11-26

One, calm south

Recently, calm south the staff member is in bureau of prefectural environmental protection to execute the law daily in check out procedure, discover reservoir of ceremony go smoothly has a plastic and broken processing factory downstream, because do not have annulus to evaluate batch of formalities, extremely why to pollute establishment of prevention and cure, be suspected of an environment breaking the law.

Accordingly, calm south bureau of prefectural environmental protection is opposite lawfully make known to lower levels of this processing factory ” instruct correct illegal behavior to decide a book ” , instruct punish of its stop production.

To ensure stop production punish reachs the designated position, on November 9, 2017, calm south company of power supply of county of combination of bureau of prefectural environmental protection is carried out to this enterprise stop to use phone for production.

2, abundant city

On November 7, abundant city holds special subject of punish of waste market environment to meet, establish repair work to head a group, by be assigned personal responsibility for the leader takes the lead, canal of associated environmental protection, city, market control does, surround li of community to produce waste company to undertake going up to burning an investigation. According to checking, burn waste company controller is Xu Saiqing, punish group closes to this enterprise instantly stop.

On November 9, leader of street be assigned personal responsibility for is guided again relevant execute the law the branch undertakes associated executing the law to the market, puissant punish. Capture broken bead nose lawfully, eradicate manufacturing flotsam, ask forklift, forklift to eradicate occupy manage and produce waste material, supervise and urge company controller deadline is cleared occupy goods and materials, much branch combines punish.

Next, river continent is street will carry state of environmental punish high pressure continuously, unremitting punish surrounds li of waste market environment to pollute dense disease, hit stoutly lawfully with 0 tolerant attitudes ban random platoon to put a company in disorder, to violating compasses discharge sewage, burn flotsam rubbish phenomenon undertakes severity is punished.

3, benefit state city

On November 10, environmental protection of town of bay of collect county stone, power supply, village builds rich of benefit state city wait for function branch to act jointly, useless to the 4 place inside limits of fountainhead village area under administration old plastic place undertakes Qing Dynasty is torn open enforcing, town appoint vice secretary Zhong Rongzhu, town appoint commissarial Yao Binghui tears open the job to on-the-spot guidance Qing Dynasty. The reporter tears open the spot to see in Qing Dynasty, these places all are simple and easy build canopy and become, chaos of manufacturing vehicle be intermingled does not have a chapter, stock everywhere piles up, manufacturing environment sanitation is abominable, send out peculiar smell, cause serious effect to circumjacent environment, manufacturing site is put in certain safe hidden trouble.

Execute the law personnel immediately undertakes to relevant place power cut of cut off the water supply is handled, employ heavy-duty appliance to undertake enforcing demolishing to useless old place.

Come day after day, town environmental protection does, the place that bring watch, village builds the branch such as place, land place to act jointly, begin useless old plastic trade energetically special punish acts, undertake discharging checking punish to pressing down the useless old plastic processing factory inside area under administration in the round.