Machinery of the navigate that print builds large and plastic 3D model

Published on 2018-01-19

Plastic print with 3D having close relationship, data side is the most welcome include PLA material, have the relatively inferior challenge that print. Other composite material can be used at more advanced application, have better mechanical performance.

One of solutions with the 3D banner industry that print are large 3D is printed. The large 3D printer of plastic product basically is based on melt to push a technology, craft is reliable, be used easily and safeguard.

Appeared now an apparent topic: Where is the applied domain that large 3D prints, use large 3D to print what profit is there?

Design and concept build a model

To design domain, dimension often restricted a design to be made of the product quickly, had the feasibility that fast 3D prints large part, this makes the think of a way of the design OK and quick translate into reality, and apply in all sorts of products. Later period processing can make final model more adjacent product.

Advantage: Shorten the time that wins full measure prototype. Those make the technology of the model through traditional pattern, the use that includes lumber, bubble, fibre glass is cost not only, and costly still. Large 3D prints a technology to save cost not only, return the distinctive geometry appearance that can achieve free curved surface, and can accelerate the process of design iteration.

Suit a form: Can one-time 3D is printed finish, perhaps print a few parts, be assembled next and become.

Recreation and advertisement

Through large 3D the technology that print can found distinctive sale and propagandist element. Before printing a technology without 3D, of this industry almost all spare partses and reveal tasting is made by hand. Compare with conventional technology photograph, large-scale 3D is printed reduced artificial labour force greatly, saved time and cost. And, the 3D technology that print is ecbolic still recreation and the free originality that advertising designs a product.

Industry is made

Industrial production domain also is in introduce large 3D to print a technology, large 3D prints the tie that makes with industry not only likelihood, and settle unique challenge likely.

Mould and production

3D is printed offerred produce a kind or the effective method of a variety of custom-built design products. To make final component, can print through 3D will get large mould, use the ultimate tool that makes complex structure. Once colophony inject arrives in the mould, form final component. After the course is machined and be arranged installation is on cycle racing.

Advantage: With traditional blame 3D photograph of the method that print is compared, through large 3D the technology that print can shorten greatly the manufacturing time of final utility component, with production of machine tool of use numerical control same spare parts photograph is compared, still saved cost of quite a few.

Another very good example, use similar large 3D to printed craft to make the new design of an illume face plate. Compare with use CNC photograph, shortened the manufacturing time of 50% , and reduce cost.

Really, the 3D technology that print is made for large mould brought cut a point newly. Be in the LocalMotors company of resounding 2014 whole world early to print complete electric car Strati in IMTS spot 3D, the high speed that use 3D prints equipment BAAM is the development of laboratory of oak mountain state that belongs to by following of American the sources of energy is large 3D prints equipment.

Not only such, BAAM technology still is used at 3D to print submarine, this is developed by the group of ruinous technology lab of Marine Corps and Carderock branch. This group began the work in August 2016, through using printer of large industry 3D – the part of 6 carbon fiber that large area adds material to make equipment a future life produce submarine, assemble 30 feet long submarine next. The submarine expenditure of similar volume is as high as 800 thousand dollar, need probably 3 to 5 months ability production ends. And print through 3D, production cost is cheap 90% , not only such, managing still manufacturing time.

It is project machinery industry even such traditional industry is built like Woerwo, card spy those straps the beauty that waits to also print pair of its production and business to bring in exploration 3D, how can faster, the development new product of lower cost.

The orgnaization such as production association of laboratory of state of American oak mountain and American equipment, national fluid association developed 3D of global head stage to print grab jointly. 3 component that by 3D the equipment that print makes directly included in this grab: Cab, luffing jib and heat exchanger. Grab luffing jib is about 2.1 meters long, weight is 181 kilogram about, by ORNL the 3D of large metal spare parts of new development prints equipment to make, the material that print is the metal of low cost, it is good that luffing jib has been obligate of hydraulic pressure spare parts when the design inside the passageway of buy. The cab of grab is by the United States university of Yi Linuo Yi strategics point this that champagne divides the student project of school to design a group, cab used copy to give birth to a design, design inspiration comes from at the branch that archs in nature, cab weight makes an appointment with 68 kilogram, the cab that design group shows to this one cab compares a tradition to devise plan is decreased heavy 25% , at the same time intensity can assure. Cab prints equipment and carbon fiber to enhance composite material to make by the BAAM3D of ORNL lab.