Qingdao destroys two smuggling to abandon plastic etc gang

Published on 2019-12-10

On November 7 before dawn 6 when, in custom total arrange unites direct to fall, qingdao custom begins blow solid trash to contraband blue sky the 3rd round of concentration of special operation is hit, destroy gang of trash of two smuggling solid in all, arrest guilty suspect two, the spot is checked buckle smuggling to abandon scoria 401.197 tons, check smuggling is abandoned plastic 49.83 tons, check buckle evidence of card of a batch of books, electron.

Via checking, the factitious seek such as Jin Mou is illegal interest, purchase the useless scoria that steely smelt produces from abroad, declare bogus of goods the name of an article pink of the mine that it is lead, try to contraband into condition, be checked to send by custom. Classics appraisal, check 17 container that buckle 401.197 tons of useless scoria are solid trash, harmful material exceeds national level, smuggling undertakes into condition hind industry handles the meeting in the process to cause pollution to local air, fountainhead, soil again.

Custom additional check is suspected of smuggling abandoning plastic 49.83 tons, the entrance that fastens domestic minority to have environmental protection aptitude and manufacturing company violate import licence of compasses buy in and sell at a profit, bring about the solid waste material that imports accordingly to flow into the small mill that does not have environmental protection aptitude and distribution centre directly, if cannot undertake strictly dealing with according to regulation of national environmental protection, also can cause contaminative menace to local environment.

Since this year, in custom, environmental protection, public security, qualitative check 4 branches aggrandizement superintends severity to hit foreign rubbish to violate frame of special operation whole to fall, the unified deploy of special operation issues the blue sky that in custom total office organization begins, qingdao custom was participated in all 3 rounds of concentration hit the operation, severity hits solid trash smuggling.

Up to now, in all criminal put on record contrabands solid trash case 25 cases, arrest guilty suspect 31, check abandons the solid trash such as plastic, useless scoria 14550 tons, check buckle useless plastic, useless scoria 2261 tons.

Qingdao custom expresses, trash of management entrance solid must abide by state law code and relevant provision strictly, normative entrance, reasonable use. Import business should understand in time master national policy, began on December 31 from this year, what the country will come from life source is useless broken bits of raw material of the plastic, waste paper without sorting, useless spin, vanadium trash of 4 kinds of 24 kinds of solid from ” limitation is imported kind can use as the solid trash catalog of raw material ” adjust include ” prohibit importing solid.