Every year about 8 million tons of plastic rubbish are entered marine

Published on 2018-11-26

Now, marine pollution already was global environmental problem. According to estimation, every year about 8 million tons of plastic rubbish enter ocean, add up entirely can circle the earth 420 rounds. More than 50 kinds of fish are in by discovery edible is plastic rubbish. The expert is forecasted, 2050, the plastic likelihood in earthly ocean is more than fish.

The Luo Atan island of Caribbean, ever was called to dive lover heaven, offing is accumulated by bedding face however nowadays plastic rubbish is enclothed. More lamentable is, the animal regards rubbish as by accident food edible, cause death finally. Environmental protection organization thinks, the rubbish of Caribbean comes from a river of Guatemala, people throws rubbish into the river, torrential rain will be much rubbish is irruptive sea mile, because this formed rubbish sea.