Drinking cup replaces plastic cup: Lose in clay meeting by degradation

Published on 2018-11-26

Plastic pollution is people attention problem all the time, cup of one-time plastic water also became the focal point that people pays close attention to because of its catholicity nature. It is reported, foreign undergraduate invention gave eatable cup to replace one-time plastic cup.

If water cup can be accomplished but degradation is good, be based on this, abroad has an undergraduate to be designed but degradation and the water cup that can take, say according to the report, parson designs American new York two undergraduates design gives the institute cup of water of a kind of eatable Loliware, solved the plastic cup pollution to the environment.

According to introducing, eatable water cup Loliware is replaced with agaragar plastic, can cooperate a few flavor flavor make different color and taste, flavour tastes fructose resembling water, agaragar composition can provide rich nourishment for the plant, so the cup loses very quick in clay meeting by degradation. Won’t cause a harm to the environment.

Article link: Chinese plastic mechanically-laid web