Cheng Xi abstruse in Holand Tai Erne ever opened new research and development center

Published on 2018-11-26

Global data vendor fills happiness abstruse announced on September 27, in Holand Tai Erne ever opened a center of new research and development, as future investment rose one share.

According to Cheng Xi abstruse president holds presiding apparitor Christopher Pappas concurrently to say, this project devotes oneself to to bring better service for European client. New establishment will combine the center of European plastic development of the company, form chain of supply and demand.

The product that this site produces at present includes styrene monomer, polycarbonate, PC/ABS and emulsion adhesive.

Basically be car, building and service of consumable industry place.

According to saying, this establishment will support Cheng Xi abstruse sale grew high-powered data ministry 2019 2016 the plan of 100 million dollar.