The car such as material of the nylon that print uses 3D plastic enter develop period flourishingly

Published on 2018-11-26

Develop as automobile industry, car dosage is quick and outspread, the car increases ceaselessly with plastic demand, among them the car such as material of polyurethane, nylon uses plastic market farther dilate.

According to the report, plastic mart market prise was as high as golden brick Shikoku 2014 11244.4 1 million dollars, 2015-2020 year the anticipation between is compound year increase rate predicts to be able to be amounted to 15.4% . Up to 2020, global car is plastic the market is compound year increase rate anticipates can amount to 13% . As the car light quantify demand dilate, the car is used plastic entering bitter fleabane break out to extend period.

It is reported, at present car component used a large number of plastic component already, include dial of bumper, wheelhouse, license plate board, appearance, door plank, knob, even the engine cover, system that take energy of life. The expert points out, polyamide material basically applies at component of motivation, batholith and structural member, occupy truckload and plastic 20%; polycarbonate, polyformaldehyde, modified to get together about benzene aether and thermoplastic the material such as polyester basically applies at component of electronic electric equipment and structural member, occupy about truckload and plastic 15% the left and right sides. Modified gets together benzene aether and Abs project are plastic reach its alloy material to basically apply at inside and outside to act the role of component, rise as model class, plastic application adds the project, abs and scale of its alloy application increase.

Modified polypropylene material

Modified polypropylene is plastic use at auto industry to have stronger competition ability, use in the car all be modified PP product, its hear resistance can raise ℃ of 145 ℃ ~150 by 80 ℃ , can bear after high temperature 750~1000h not ageing, not chap. Change a story according to round-the-world model, the car is small quantify demand to upgrade the rapid development that will drive polypropylene market, demand of global polypropylene market achieved performance of beautiful of 95.9 billion dollar namely 2014, as the development of the industry, predict up to dimensions of global polypropylene market will achieve growth with 6.3% money rate 2020, market dimensions will reach one hundred and thirty-eight billion three hundred and sixty million dollar, global polypropylene crop or will achieve 70.81 million tons.

Polyurethane car uses data

Develop as automobile industry, car dosage is quick and outspread, the car increases ceaselessly with the demand of plastic polyurethane, what apply in place of contemporary automobile data is plastic in, the dosage of polyurethane is the biggest not only, and applied range is very wide, cover the part outside arriving from car trunk, from soft arrive character horniness, light model arrive compact model, and the Bo fine of high strenth enhances the application such as goods.

Enhance nylon material

Regard a car as a substantial of component as oily base case, from casting aluminium one pace develops to use enhance nylon material to note model, wait to already made car engine like PA66GF35, PA6GF35 oily base case is light one of end new-style material. Nylon material is had those who highlight is light quantify an advantage, the processing sex of nylon material is good, not only can improve manufacturing efficiency, also can reduce manufacturing cost at the same time, conduce to promotion product quality, reduce percent defective, exceed the job below strong job dependability, use wear and low temperature to get used to ability, accordingly as the car light quantify demand increasingly intense, strengthen demand of nylon data market exuberant.