The scientist discovers the fungus that feed model or solve plastic litter processing difficult problem

Published on 2020-09-08

Plastic brought contaminative issue is problem of on environmental protection road one catastrophe all the time, plastic rubbish hard degradation. But, the scientific research group that formed by China and scientist of Pakistan two countries recently discovered one kind can decompose plastic fungus recently, this bacterium plants use the processing way that changes plastic litter thoroughly likely.

The report says, researcher is in Pakistan the capital discovers in the Tophet of Mohammedan fort, tower guest aspergillus with plastic to feed, according to this discovery, institute of plant of Kunming of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 9 Pakistan researcher and researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are collective compose degradation sex studies the polyester polyurethane live thing that makes by aspergillus bacterium, this is the newest progress that mould toxin decomposes pollutant domain.

The scientist says, the root that grows in tower guest aspergillus kind filament network conduces to cent solving polymer. A few carry deadly sex contaminant and need tens of year what ability decomposes is plastic, can be decomposed by tower guest aspergillus inside a few weeks.

The world mixes aricultural trade center / the card favour doctor of Kunming biology institute says, her group is studying all the time how degradation abandons plastic biology method. We decide from Pakistan the Tophet sample of Mohammedan fort, look to whether material can be decomposed plastic, right like other organism of dead plant or animal material like decomposing. Researcher observes mould tubal music is had decompose cannot the plastic ability of biology degradation.

To decide which kinds of condition is the most effective, researcher checked liquid, soil and dextrose the fungus in agaragar board. Consider to discover, fungus can be decomposed in 3 kinds of all education radical plastic, when in SDA when be being fostered on education radical, it is the most effective. Meanwhile, the primitive fungus that the scientist discovers consist in soil is medium also can be in plastic surface lives. Researcher thinks, mould tubal music can become the key of plastic grain in handling trash effectively handle a works.