Plastic auxiliary -- mould inhibitor

Published on 2018-11-26

Mould inhibitor bases: Activator of ramification of season ammonium salt, Ka Song, surface, synergist.

Can prevent microbial cause mildewy drug. Have phenol kind, chloric phenol kind, organic mercury salt, organic copper salt, organic stannum salt, reach mercury of inorganic salt bluestone, chloridize, fluorine to change sodium to wait. Use at plastic, balata, textile, paint and insulating material to wait. A kind of commonly used plastic auxiliary is in plastic industry.

Mould inhibitor a few polymer can be waited for by mould, bacterium, actinomyces microbial place degradation, endanger with mould especially most very.

The polymer of bacterium of easy grow mildew has cellulose of the polyamide, pvc that adds model, polyvinyl alcohol, nitric acid, polyurethane, natural balata to wait. Salt of ammonium of plastic industry use season kind second of mercury of copper of quinoline of hydroxyl of ramification of stannum of exterior activator, 3 butyl, 8- , salicylic benzene, 2- base oneself is acerbity 2 phenyl  , N-3 is chloric methylic sulfur Dai Lin benzene 2 armour acyl inferior the plastic auxiliary such as amine mould inhibitor.