Import policy is tightened up again, useless plastic supply of goods will be more close be short of

Published on 2018-11-26

Policy comes on stage thick and fast related the near future, enough sees decision-making layer silver coin in order to prohibit rubbish enters a country for breach, clear the determination that rectifies second birth to use an industry to machine pollution is very sturdy.

Ban dead file according to what Chinese government refers to WTO, useless plastic entrance will be in life source begin to carry out by 2017, what can observe nevertheless is, the adjustment of relevant policy been spreadinging out in full blast, this is meant this year 3-4 quarter has been virgin material and useless plastic rebuild the key of the balance period.

Since nearly one many month, the measure of corresponding form a complete set that useless plastic entrance tightens up in succession be born, early days course of study person to already the forehead of useless plastic entrance of check and ratify is spent still exist fluky psychology, the market also is held to whether still having sequel batch import licence expect.

Namely at present batch of if the manufacturer still has,did not give out article on the market, the enterprise still can continue to be imported according to the import policy before, there is the company of batch of articles on the hand next so, OK and normal entrance.

But must assure to be in this year declare at customs before December 31 end, also mean at latest to be in content of indent of place of the middle ten days of a month will be about in December harbor, even to prevent customs inspection more strict, declare at customs speed puts delay, had better be at the beginning of December to harbor.

According to statistic, check and ratify of useless plastic entrance measures 1-11 batch PE aggregate 2.235 million tons, dig divides the amount that 1-7 month has imported, ration of nucleus of the rest entrance is only 890 thousand tons, 1.288 million tons are discovered in environmental protection examination the nuclear ration that problem enterprise has is aggregate, 58% of the ration that occupy a nucleus.

Assume 50% right-and-left licenses by cancel and approve without sequel civil, mean 8-12 month only many tons 40 usable forehead is spent, compared to the same period cut near 700 thousand tons. Similar, the PP between 8-12 month abandons plastic entrance also will compared to the same period cut 300 thousand tons.

License of useless plastic import is being decreased put an amount, the import licence that already examined and approve namely, also be faced with be cancelled or the circumstance of cancel.

Environmental protection ministry held an informal discussion in Beijing on August 22, carry out fulfil ” about prohibiting silvering coin rubbish enters a country advance solid trash to import administrative system to reform executive scheme ” . The speech of Li Ganjie of minister of environmental protection ministry shows important information fully, make full use of namely blow environment violates special operation achievement, cancel or cancel licence of trash of a batch of solid.

We conclude, the treatment of blow entrance trash that developed in July in environmental protection ministry uses industry environment to violate act in special operation, be discovered if the enterprise of the problem still has an entrance to abandon what plastic entrance forehead spends, be faced with probably be cancelled or the circumstance of cancel.

A series of measure of ministry of near future environmental protection and trends make clear, abandoning plastic import policy to tighten up was not 2017 absolutely the end of the year just can produce effect, the import licence that already examined and approve partly is cancelled or cancel just report goes out, it is the key that reduces amount of useless plastic entrance energetically currently period.

What although ban,abandon your meeting to drive China quickly is useless plastic reclaim the quality that use and level, the environmental protection career of stimulative our country, but look for a long time from which ban useless import sure to plastic mart itself it is enormous benefit sky, evolve likely even for a disaster.

Second half of the year, the circumstance with partial in short supply supply of goods will somewhat aggravate, this also will be caused to value of useless plastic prices prop up certainly, and a lot of raw material had risen in price wildly. Second half of the year will be waste industry shuffles this year the brutallest half an year, the dance of the point of a knife that rise in price, how living is crucial.