Tall canal of stage look forward to fills in to Ma Sazhu the university 3D lab that print contributes 1 million dollars

Published on 2018-11-26

The president that the Taiwan of one wife and children high end notes model aircraft company to its alma mater- — – campus of ell of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of university of Ma Sazhu a place of strategic importance contributed million dollar, basically use at 3D is printed and shaping quickly lab.

The president Lin Jianxiang of the Inc. of Zong Wei industry of new north city, from Ma Sazhu campus of ell of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of university of a place of strategic importance graduated 1990, obtain high polymer science and plastic engineering doctor’s degree.

This 8500 square that the name achieves guest space for Lin Jianxiang foot lab, match the machine tool of stock 3D printer, numerical control, tool such as laser beam cutting machine, help student realizes his dream. These establishment are round-the-clock 24 hours open to the outside world.

Mr Lin couple is cosignatory contribution, its madam also fills in in Ma Sazhu school of cent of ell of university the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces has assiduously studied computer process designing. He expresses, he cherishs the time in this school very much. Taiwan is returned after his finish school. Go up century 80 time metaphase, his father and elder brother established Inc. of Zong Wei industry.

Nowadays, inc. of Zong Wei industry pursues the quick produce and sale with plastic project technically, have global client group. Its are numerous the product contains a large number of fibre glass.

Although I return Inc. of industry of Taiwan administer Zong Wei, the grooming that obtains from Lowell makes I am benefited quite deep, he is interviewed in email in write, I am thankful alma mater.

Lin Jian decides the ground to think, it is OK that 3D is printed crucial effect is produced in the process of archetypal spare parts and compact tool that make, this is prospective whole world the two big keys of plastic industry. Metal of use 3D of Inc. of Zong Wei industry pressworks come patternmaking.

Forest the lot with campus of ell of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of university of Ma Sazhu a place of strategic importance only then 1983, he reads a graduate student over at that time. 2014, this school awarded alumnus prize to him.

Forest think, the manufacturing industry of intelligence, environmental protection is the key that overcomes an industry to develop the biggest menace for a long time.

For example, upgrade for the help, inc. of Zong Wei industry spreads out collaboration as business of person of one family property and government, industry 4 technologies lead Taiwan industry.

Although the plastic industry of Taiwan is small, but very agile. Forest express: Because most enterprise is small business, they can act quickly, and Taiwan manufacturer adaptability is strong.

Forest express, he is taught in what Lowell accepts, in the help household company got lost the competitive respect of global market to produce crucial effect from Taiwan market.

Forest father is only high school diploma, but 1984 with forest the elder brother founds together before Inc. of Zong Wei industry, he ever held the position of governmental clerk and estate development business early or late.

After from Ma Sazhu university of a place of strategic importance obtains a doctor’s degree, lin Zaimei country worked a few years, returned Inc. of Zong Wei industry 1993. At that time, the company is only 20 employee- — – include forest inside, annual sale has 1 million dollar only, and face an island inside.

Forest devote oneself to to build good company reputation, pay attention to detail and consign is seasonable. At this late hour, inc. of Zong Wei industry also chooses commerce to exhibit innocently, set a website, but this website is apart from newlier recently what already had 10 years newlier last is long. This company basically builds reputation through buccal mouth according to legend.

This kind of practice has the effect extremely. Now, the factory with busy Inc. of Zong Wei industry as before dedicated produce mould and project at be client of top class international plastic spare parts.

Lin Jian should sum up his management concept: We never had gone up program, never publish any information on the magazine, also did not undertake any conduct propaganda. We do, just value the concern with the client from the heart.

The staple market of Inc. of Zong Wei industry includes the United States, England and Germany, still have a few clients of Japan and Italy. The commerce with chinese mainland basically is to be Chinese transnational corporation to provide a service. 1.5% what Taiwan market holds a sale of valuable industry Inc. only.

This company has 245 stuff, have two to always cover an area of an area to amount to 95 thousand square in new north city foot factory.

54 machine that note model are shared inside the factory, include Japanese supplier to send among them that division is mixed equipment of 22 of friendly trade issue complete electrification, and Super Master, what 32 Taiwan of Jonwai and Multiplast make is mechanical.

The company still sets a value in new north city the test lab of 3.8 million dollar.

Forest express: Business of most plastic treatment lacks enough plastic data to support. They use average data mostly, and equipment also is common model.