King Yan Fei establishs chemical machinery store makes Internet + machinery

Published on 2018-11-26

 Chemical industry is mechanical (the floorboard that Chemical Machinery) is the machine that uses in chemical industry production and equipment. The finished product of certain standards is become to process raw material in chemical production, the depart that often needs to pass raw material pretreatment, chemical reaction and reaction product and purificatory wait for a series of chemical industry processes, realize the machine that these process place use, often be by put under chemical industry is mechanical. Chemical machinery also is major of university undergraduate course ” process equipment and control project ” professional predecessor. Chemical machinery can divide roughly it is the following kinds: Abrade series (sand milling machine, colloid is ground, muller of ball mill, 3 roller) ; of series of emulsification of; of series of reaction of dispersive series; mixes agitate of; of series of mediate of; of; coating whole set of equipment; of equipment of mortar of series; powder filters series.

 Come a few this years, “Internet + ” the innovation that the representing’s is a times, temporarily between follow the lead of of the photograph that be contended for by traditional industry, but will ” Internet + mechanical ” king Yan Fei is the first made this attempt, established chemical machinery store, basically use as the platform that shows chemical machinery product and enterprise businessman, serve the powerful iformation flow of Internet the chemical machinery industry at the tradition, also be to did not come to the person of whole industry and the place that the thing needs to upgrade.
 The chemical machinery with traditional couple of chemical machinery store develops, breaking the bottleneck level of bureau convention trade actively, following Internet confluence is an a favourable turn, it is the opportunity of share of a new and occupational market, the compatible character of Internet brings about the can aleatoric confluence that cross a boundary, drive pattern of chemical machinery industry change, also be the development opportunity that the market gives machinist Cheng, had held, because of,meet this decay, show itself successfully from the market.
 Traditional chemical machinery is made even if change decayed for magical, change resource is used for people place, as the development of science and technology, advanced and efficient Internet platform, can the development that huge promotes chemical machinery industry, the chemical machinery of too much nowadays tradition is made fall into disuse, stay think of even change environmental protection, can last Internet platform also is socioeconomy and human civilization hand in hand development.
 Chemical machinery store has the marshal product of many machinery of traditional chemical industry and company, period of the crisis after facing, send force jointly, before big challenge, embracing Internet is the trend place of development, also be the important channel that the enterprise participates in international to compete, chemical machinery store still will continue to comply with tendency of the day, continue to make more extensive strategy target.