New method makes carbon fiber plastic hopeful is used circularly

Published on 2018-11-26

The intermediary outside occupying reports, the teachs JinwenZhang and him group that American Washington city establishs university machinery and material project institute first research and development the recycle method with plastic carbon fiber, its use weak acid to fall to undertake to carbon fiber composite material chemistry is decomposed in microtherm condition, so that in the future loop recycle.

As the car light quantified development, hold concurrently light quantify, security, easy is mixed moderately of the carbon fiber composite material of the superior performance such as dependability use presenting ascendant trend, however, this kind of material is not however without the flaw, this material often is decomposed hard character or circular recycle, make people begins those who pay close attention to pair of this material to reclaim gradually processing. This material is qualitative with thermoplastic plastic and different, cannot realize solidify easily, decompose and reductive for initiative raw material.

The commonly used processing pattern abuse inside course of study is much

To realize the circular recycle of carbon fiber composite material, below most circumstance, researcher can use mechanical device this material molar, or use freeboard temperature to make its happen decompose, or is the chemical condition in Yan Ke, its reductive for expensive carbon fiber stuff.

However, after using afore-mentioned technology, carbon fiber can be damaged normally, and the chemical material of remaining often is had caustic, can cause a harm to human body. Worse when, realize the appropriate processing of litter hard. In addition, if use afore-mentioned processing means, the colophony radical material that can contain to this stuff place is caused destroy, make of all kinds and chemical material, because keep clear of hard,hurry, increased the processing difficulty of litter then.

Low temperature of a variety of alcohol of weak acerbity liquid state are operated

Professor JinwenZhang and his group is the circular recycle problem that solves carbon fiber composite material, their research and development used a kind of new chemical absorption method: They regard activator as a variety of weak acid, add its in liquid state alcohol, chemical reaction produces below microtherm condition, make material of sex of this kinds of hot solid is decomposed. Be worth what carry is, they used union to use a variety of chemical in the experiment.

It is those who improve solidify data to disclose rate, researcher promoted material temperature, the liquid that makes contain activator be able to infiltration arrives in composite material, realize the chemistry of carbon fiber composite material to decompose then. Zhang uses alcohol liquid, make colophony volume happens expand, decompose carbolic nitrogen key with chloridize zinc again subsequently, it may be said of this one pace is crucial.

He expresses: This key that winds debit way depends on the catalytic system with efficient research and development, in the colophony after making its can permeate solidify, make solidify resinous chemical bond is decomposed then.

This research group returns research and development an efficient method, appropriate saves carbon fiber and colophony, so that later recycle afore-mentioned material. Current, this group already was its technology patent application, devote oneself to those who promote this technology to commercialize run.