Of development of window of domestic plastic door and Germany quite difference

Published on 2018-11-26

Current, plastic profile of the Pvc on international and plastic door window have two cardinal principle to fasten, basically have the North America system of the European system that is a delegate with Germany and United States, Canada, think technology of German door window is most mature generally among them, and fit Chinese national condition, accordingly, basically introduce as relative as Germany difference.

1. There is difference in basic research and administrative field

Plastic door window of Europe is produced only then at 20 centuries 50 time end, the history is longer, standard system is more perfect, standard requirement is strict, GB standard also apt is a foundation with European standard. There is function of door window physics to detect mostly in German enterprise equipment, oneself begin research, also gathered mass data. When the standard weaves, the analysis after passing a large number of tests must come out crucial data. According to France building technology research center introduces, this center sets an organization to be in charge of the attestation of pair of plastic door windows technically, the attestation of the license that window of the attestation that content includes to mix raw material, attestation of profile, door designs and door window business and its product.

Watch our country corresponding standard to although also be to come from,make much data instead at European standard, but often do not know data origin however. In addition, standard system is not whole, for example indoors outside below the case with big difference in temperature, the standard of the physical function index after the window outside detecting is out of shape and outside standard of window guard against theft. Profile and door window level part to be made by former light the Ministry of Works in feudal China and construction ministry organization again, do not coordinate between the standard, also supervise to quality cause certain difficulty. Be in our country, most PVC plastic profile and door window business do not have function of door window physics to detect equipment, the research that begin is not quite thorough, lack door window of service data accumulate.

2. Designing force, product level field differs bigger

Building design lacks novel sex and creativity. Europe type construction is not in design respect machine-made, have French building, Italianism house, beautiful type builds the branch that also has South America, North America, make face posture stands to coordinate outside plastic door window design and building. The condition such as style of structure of this kinds of many system and nation, history, culture, climate is concerned, form in developing a process for a long time.

And domestic product direction kind with, lack novel sex, in the market of plastic door window that soars in the amount, its breed did not increase accordingly, have instead gradually the tendency with onefold hasten, majority manufacturer copies Europe type system, model antrum is imitated each other, lack novel sex and creativity, thereby translate into is same model antrum, same window the price competes, this is sure the market of plastic door window henceforth develops block.

Hold water at 20 centuries the academy of German door window of the share-holding system of 50 time evening, detect facility is complete, gathered much data a few years, can regard an enterprise as the database of development. Each large company has research and development independently, in the light of avery kind of new window from model antrum design, hardware the consideration is united when function of machinery of form a complete set, physics all is being designed, the product of each enterprise has the distinguishing feature on him technology, do not borrowed. What our country produces is smooth open next hanging window, next hanging all technology such as sliding door of sliding door, fold door, promotion comes from Yu Deguo. And when our country enterprise is importing equipment and technology, often ask the other side to design door window, once be pushed in the market, the others asks without the company that designs ability mould factory imitates mould production in succession, the product is similar. Because not be oneself technology, those who lack 2 designs of the need on project of window of face each other is directive.

Cost of development of window of in addition plastic door is high, cycle is long, this fastens the development process of plastic door window with respect to the polity in was being restricted. In last few years a few companies of domestic also produced a few welcome change, undertook study on door window technology, developed a few new products independently in succession, but the development need that look from industry whole or cannot satisfy an industry. We must aim at a building energy-saving development direction, just can assure enterprise and industry continuously healthy progress.

From outside level of energy-saving standard requirement sees the window, of Germany outside the window conducts heat coefficient K0.6~1.1W/ , main technique measure is in respect of PVC plastic profile, increase profile ply, add room of heat preservation antrum, it is 5~7 commonly room of heat preservation antrum, some heat preservation antrum are indoor fill polyurethane foam, development can replace the; of modified PVC plastic profile that enhances profiled bar to be in vitreous respect, use fill hollow glass of inert gase LOW-E, vacuum and hollow accord with vitreous; to be in sealed respect, use fluid sealant of third of 3 yuan of second or silicon balata fluid sealant. Because our country building is energy-saving the level is not high still, the window outside only area of partial severe cold set conducts heat coefficient K value should be less than 2.0W/ . Domestic technology measure is use 4 antrum profile, 3 sealed, because of price reason, use LOW-E hollow glass rarely, what use generally is the double hollow glass of three-layer glass. Because domestic profile ply is small, majority of layer of the air in most and hollow glass is 6mm or 9mm, hollow glass function is developed not beautiful, innovation level wants apparently under abroad.

3. The difference of the enterprise