Asian general makes live thing the leader of plastic mart

Published on 2018-11-26

Biology is plastic show what be a foundation to be generated below microbial action with the natural material such as starch is plastic. It is had but second birth sex, accordingly very environmental protection. Current, a lot of countries began relevant research.

The report points out, plastic market will rise global live thing quickly, predict year all add scooter 8%-10% , the 10 billion dollar when increasing to 2020 by the 1 billion dollar 2007. Live thing will be promoted in the new application of car and electronic industry the growth of plastic demand, although pack,will still take dominant market place, the share that predicts it will by 2007 65% drop 40% 2025. To 2025, the Asia will be biology the leader of plastic mart, hold the market share of 32% about, it is Europe is occupied next 31% , the United States is occupied 28% . The Asia will hold the market to precede the position basically is to be based on turn gene plant will get rapid development. 2007, biology is plastic the 10%-15% that takes plastic market about, predict to will achieve 25%-30% 2020. Main profit from biology the improvement of plastic specifications, technical innovation will be extended in the car, the application of medical treatment and electronic industry.

Current, in the global agriculture area of 5 billion hectare, biology is plastic rely on only make an appointment with the agricultural area of 0.01% among them. BCC considers to express, predict to arrive from 2015 2020, the output with plastic biology can grow 272% , the production with plastic biology will grow 271% possibly to 2020 from 2015, this is meant to 2020, biology is plastic may use up occupy global agriculture area to make an appointment with the produce of 0.04% .

The biology of the Drop-ins that be called is plastic gaining ground increasingly is a fundamental industry trend, they and the oil that its replace base plastic chemistry comparatives. But because its do not need to change existing equipment, be accepted more easily by the client, and the product can undertake reclaiming using, get greatly so large the favour of the business that pack. Although all sorts of specific live thing are plastic function difference is very big, but compared with oil base plastic, the hot property with plastic biology should lose a few. Accordingly, according to the research of BCC, prospective general biology is plastic with the case that oil radical is plastic compound at durable product applying will be increasing.