Plastic industries needed for high end products to increase s

Published on 2019-12-10

According to statistics, rubber and plastic products industry's fixed asset investment in the first quarter of 90.2 billion yuan, down 22.8% investment growth over the same period last year, 12.3% lower than at the end of last year. Plastic processing industry growth is slowing, "Twelve-Five" during the average growth rate of less than 10% and less "Eleven-Five" half the average growth rate for the period.

Lu Gendi introduction of synthetic resins, chemical sales in East China branch of Sinopec, current crude prices remain low, plans new coal poly-olefin plant is expected to be significantly reduced, and the device will be under construction or slated to delay. Low oil prices also has some influence on naphtha polyolefin plant, some companies believe that current oil prices of US $ 60 a barrel, but after the device into operation, 3-5 years in the future, if oil prices rose back above $ 100 again, our competitiveness will be greatly reduced. So, for now, the enterprise has no impulses of the new device. Meanwhile, at least 1/3 of coal to olefins projects will be delayed. In view of this, polyolefin production expanded less than expected in the future, will gradually tightening of supply and demand.

Trend productivity growth exceeds demand situation significantly

Even so, due to the rapid expansion of production capacity in the previous years, oversupply situation is still difficult to change. According to Cui Kezeng, Deputy General Manager of information introduced, our plastic is outside the United States ranked first in the world, and annual sales of about 80 million tons. As demand grew, polyolefin production expanded rapidly in China in recent two years. In polypropylene, for example, production capacity, 2013 is 13 million tons by 2015 has been increased by 9 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 30%, while the domestic annual demand growth of less than 4%.

Under the structural contradiction of supply and demand, competition in the industry intensifies. With the development of coal chemical industry as well as the 2014 International crude oil declined sharply in the second half, driven by profit, coal polyolefin rise, domestic coal polyolefin market is changing from "second world" that both CNPC and Sinopec, and development of "three-pillar".

In the Yu information analyst Wang Xiao said, China coal chemical itself of technology more skillful, coal business Poly olefin device concentrated horse DD including Shenhua baotou full density device 300,000 tons/years, and polypropylene device 300,000 tons/years; God huaning coal polypropylene device 1 million tons/years; Datang Doran polypropylene device 460,000 tons/years, DD completely break traditional poly olefin market pattern, impact naphtha business Poly olefin.

High-end products rely on imported technology should increase

Full-time Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the China light industry Federation said Wang Shicheng, along with China's economic development has entered a new normal, and high-speed development of the plastics industry from the past go to speed development. China's plastic products industry generally weak independent research and development, investment in science and technology, intensive low level of product and market development disorder and other problems.

It is understood that plastic products in China, production of low-end products too high, lack of high-end products. For example, in the PP field, low temperature, high stiffness and high impact high heat seal material flow, electrical materials, medical radiation resistant materials must rely on imports. In addition, financing, financing of the plastics industry at present you are hampering the development of the plastics industry and trade frictions. Therefore, enterprises need new tools to deal with, will minimize the negative factors, trying to keep our country's share of the global plastic industry.