Published 2015 industrial energy saving and comprehensive uti

Published on 2019-12-10

To accelerate the implementation of the greening of industry in development strategies, strengthen guidance to the local industrial energy conservation and emission reduction, led the drive to further system-wide focus, work together, effectively promote industrial green, recycling, low-carbon development, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, March 4 2015 industrial energy-saving and comprehensive utilization of major areas of work at the Ministry.
The details are as follows:
First, implementation of the greening of industry development initiatives (A) organize the implementation of digital energy efficiency promotion plan. Published in steel, oil and chemical industry, building materials, nonferrous metals, light industry enterprises Center for energy management implementation programme, promoting construction of enterprise energy management centre. Establishment of a national monitoring and analysis of energy-saving platform, promoting networking system at the provincial level, perfect platform construction, data transmission standards, setting up energy-use monitoring systems.
Green data center construction, development of pilot programmes, improving evaluation standards. (B) the promotion of cleaner production in key industries and structural optimization, reduction of air pollutant emissions. Implementation of the industrial plan of action for clean and efficient use of coal in the area promoting coking, coal chemical industry and other key industries and industrial furnace (boiler) equipment clean and efficient use of coal. Implementation of energy efficiency in cement and flat glass industries "leader" System.
Cooperating with authorities to the place energy consumption control and coal consumption reduction of alternative assessment, guidance urging key enterprise for air pollution prevention and control the implementation of cleaner production. (C) the Organization to advance the industry in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area coordinated development of resource comprehensive utilization.
Organizing the implementation of Beijing and Tianjin, Hebei province and the surrounding area industry coordinated development of resource comprehensive utilization plan of action, to guide local governments to develop specific implementation plans, advancing the tailings and waste rock, coal ash, waste electrical and electronic equipment, such as collaborative use, promote integration of industries in and around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei area and the ecological development.
Grasp the major second, and manpower planning regulations and policies developed and implemented (D) organize the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction technology. Support of iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, chemical industry, textile industry, implementation of energy-saving, clean production and recycling technology. Implementation of the industrialization of areas of water pollution and air pollution control technology and equipment demonstrations. Support technical reform of cement kiln co-processing municipal solid waste and hazardous waste.
Pilot advance steel, textiles, paper and other water pollution control technology in high water consumption industry. (E) development of greening of industry development strategy planning. Take the Organization "Thirteen-Five" green industry development plan, accelerate the establishment and implementation of the greening of industry development strategy, based on the full life-cycle concept, build a high performance, low power, green manufacturing industry. In accordance with the central fiscal budget system, and support the development of energy-saving and comprehensive utilization of industrial policy.
Promoting green technology innovation leading the project, promoting the construction of major projects and demonstration projects for the coordination. (F) strengthen the regulations. In accordance with the requirements of deepening the reform of administration according to law, continue to promote regulations to develop and strengthen industry access management.
Study on the development of the industrial energy-saving measures and the administrative measures for the restriction of hazardous substances used electrical and electronic products and the interim measures for the administration of comprehensive utilization of industrial resources and the key to enterprise energy management post management procedures, and regulations, actively cooperate with the authorities to amend the law on energy saving. (G) carrying out green industrial pilot. Organize "environment-friendly" companies create pilot acceptance, exploration promoting the "environment-friendly" Enterprise evaluation finds. Implementation of the programme of regional industrial development pilot city to implement the Green transformation, supervisory pilot city to implement key tasks and safeguard measures. Low carbon industrial park in conjunction with the national development and Reform Commission pilot project evaluation, study on the development of national administrative measures on low-carbon industrial park.
Published on accelerating the Green guidelines for the development of industrial parks, green industrial park development. (VIII) technical standards for implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection promotion plan. Developing key industry energy-saving, clean production technical support center, comprehensive utilization of resources and energy efficiency assessment centres, evaluation support system for green industry. Promote the calcium carbide, Ferroalloy industry standard pilot.
Continue to improve the development of water-saving enterprise evaluation criteria and standards of norm of water intake.
Third, pay close attention to the energy-saving and consumption reduction (IX) to speed up the application of energy-saving technology products. Continuation of home appliances and industrial products, "Energy Star" product evaluation, preparation of high energy-consuming behind electrical equipment out of catalog and list of advanced energy-saving technology products. Advance, Zhenjiang and other electrical systems in Dongguan pilot and key energy sectors such as cement motor system of the pilot.
Implementation of the transformer energy efficiency enhancement program, promoting the production and use of non-Crystal alloy transformer in energy efficiency. (J) strengthen energy conservation management. Promoted head of key energy companies improve energy management and regulatory bodies, perfect energy-saving assessment of energy management systems, energy statistics, audit capabilities. National industrial energy efficiency Guide (2015), the energy efficiency compliance activities. Regional energy management cadres, head of key energy enterprise energy management jobs and training. Promoting the construction of Nanjing industrial energy efficiency, such as upgrading training base to foster a number of energy-efficient enterprise.
Strengthen the exchange of industrial energy-saving analysis of the situation. (11) to strengthen industrial energy conservation supervision. Release in 2015 industrial energy saving supervision work plan around energy consumption limits standard carbide alloy industry standards, electrical energy efficiency upgrade, the coal-fired boiler to carry out special monitoring.
Promote and improve industrial energy saving supervision system, organizations carry out the training, strengthening the construction of energy saving supervision agencies, improve energy-saving supervisory system. (12) improving energy conservation policies and measures. Promote the use of energy consumption and environmental protection standards for eliminating backward production capacity. Using a combination of standard and price means implementing the price of electrolytic aluminum and cement industry differences to develop specification for electrolytic aluminum consumption level of verification. To develop "green factory" criterion system and evaluation system.
Financial support for innovative energy-saving reform of marketization and models, explored in the Yangtze River Delta and the surrounding areas the establishment of regional energy conservation mechanism.
Four, actively promoting water saving in industry (13) the sound water management. Publish list of process technology of high water consumption phase out to promote forced out. Coordination in water shortage regions of high water consumption in industry water use efficiency of binding mechanism. Implementing the State water pollution control plans, formulating industrial programme implementation in the field.
Water resource management system in collaboration with related departments to carry out the most stringent implementation of binding targets and industry efficiency evaluation. (14) the implementation of industrial water use efficiency promotion plan. Exploration of water balance test and water use efficiency of fixed assets investment projects assessment. Industrial water-saving construction of major demonstration projects. Development of cooling water, water for washing and other terminal equipment efficiency standards, water-saving design code, identity management for promoting water use efficiency.
Formulation of beer, chlor-alkali Enterprise evaluation of water conservation standards and linen textile, synthetic ammonia and water quota standards and improve the water standard system.
Five levels, implementation of cleaner production promotion plan (15) clean production audit and evaluation. Publishing industry clean production audit specification, the industrial code for implementation of cleaner production assessment, industrial enterprises and effect evaluation of cleaner production audit in accordance with law.
Establish cleaner production industry association, integrated technology resources such as undertaker, financial institutions, explore advanced clean production technology extension model. (16) continued to promote the secondary lead industry standard management of pollutant reduction and high risk projects. In accordance with the access requirements of secondary lead industry to continue secondary lead industry access management, announcements by reviewing the list of companies. Increase the intensity of cleaner production implementation of the battery industry. Coordination of the Environmental Protection Department, Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission and other departments, completes the resource utilization of the battery industry work together.
Guidance according to the preparation of the high risk of pollutant reduction implementation programme, organize enterprises to implement mercury reduction, lead reduction and high toxicity pesticides instead of engineering. (17) the eco-design development demonstration pilot. Adjust, expand scope, continuation of the eco-design of industrial products business model pilot project. Organized international forum on eco-design of industrial products.
Administrative measures on developing eco-design product evaluation, development of key product eco-design standards, test evaluation. (18) increased toxic pollution control. Organization to amend the State encourages toxic raw materials (products) instead of list (2012). Release harmful substances and recyclable utilization management announcement.
Issuance of volatile organic pollutants in vehicle control technology policy.
Six, continued to advance industrial recycling resources (19) promote comprehensive utilization of industrial solid wastes. Base construction of comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste assessment and acceptance, start the second batch of pilot. Support creating resources comprehensive utilization demonstration province, Hubei Province, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia to implement support tailings comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste, fly ash and other bulk resources major demonstration project.
Cement kiln co-processing household waste pilot conditions established industry standards. (20) to promote comprehensive utilization of renewable resources. Promote strategic rare metals recycling pilot. Development of regenerated resources industry development guidance, scrap the new energy automobile industry standards such as battery condition. Implementation of scrap iron and steel, nonferrous metals and other resource recycling major demonstration projects. Preparation of the construction waste recycling technology and equipment for advanced directory development planning, construction waste recycling industry.
Waste tire retreading products found. (21) to increase resource utilization of waste electrical and electronic products. Electronics extended producer responsibility in the field of pilot, set up a number of benchmarks.
Develop assessment the reutilization of waste electrical and electronic products specifications and industry action plan, developing relevant standards. (22) the development of mechanical and electrical products manufacturing industry. First to manufacture pilot acceptance, deepening the pilot, construction and manufacturing industry cluster district. Continued implementation of the plan of internal combustion engines produce thrust; focus on remanufacturing technology exchanges in the field.
Drive remanufacturing finds products into the "old-for-" support policy. (23) the deepening alcohol auto pilot. Strengthen the experimental work of five provinces to guide, promote methanol vehicle announcement. Enhancing technical data acquisition and evaluation phase methanol vehicle emissions, evaluation of environmental impact, safety and other special.
Strengthening the construction of standard system of methanol vehicles to develop methanol cars filling the system specifications, perfect cars of methanol production and operation management system.
Seven, vigorously develop energy-saving and environmental protection industries (24) the construction of energy-saving demonstration project.
Release of the plan of action for accelerating the development of energy saving and environmental protection industries, further implementation of major energy-saving technologies and equipment, major environmental protection technology and equipment and major resources recycling demonstration project reality (Finance Court), fertilization system to promote energy saving and environmental protection technology engineering, major equipment industrialization demonstration project and the construction of energy saving and environmental protection industrial park. (25) to develop energy-saving and environmental protection equipment manufacturing and service industries. Organize high efficiency boiler system industrialization demonstration project, cultivate high efficiency boiler manufacturing base. Advance the State encourages the development of environmental protection technology equipment catalogue, the implementation support unit, promote technology application. Promote the establishment of energy service industry Union, Korea industrial energy conservation authorities and exchange of energy conservation service industry. Fostering energy auditing, energy efficiency rating and energy-saving diagnosis, cleaner production audits and other third party services to study the promotion of third-party management of environmental pollution, exploring the new model of industrial pollution.