the next 5 year CAGR will reach global flexible Pack market 4

Published on 2018-11-26

Transparency Market Research predicted that by 2019, global demand for flexible packaging market value will reach us $ 99.1 billion.
During 2013-2019, the compound annual growth rate rose to 4.4%. Market valuations, 2012 flexibles global demand fell to 73.56 billion US dollars.
The report also estimated the value from the perspective of the market, pointed out that in 2019, demand will rise by 2012, 18,666.0kt to 24,728.7kt, a compound annual growth rate of 4.1%. Plastics for packaging to provide unparalleled, making it become the dominant material in the packaging market (2012, 70% market share). However, within the next five years, due to improvement of environmental consciousness, the market will turn to support soft packaging based on cellulose.
Research and development in this field is constantly advancing, nanotechnology will most probably bring a breakthrough global flexible Pack market development. Essence of packaging is to protect the quality of the product, as well as prevent chemical reactions to endanger consumer health. Increased consumption of packaged products for the global packaging market provides a strong customer base.
Therefore, an effective and suitable packaging is necessary for each product. In the flexible packaging market, used key materials: PE, PP, BOPET, EVOH, PA, paper, aluminum, PVC and cellulose.
The raw material is processed into a film, and then further processed into bags, pouches and bags for packaging products. Food industry flexible packaging market is the leading industry, and pharmaceutical flexible packaging will be the need to pay close attention to the areas of the market, because the new tamper-packaging requirements brings new opportunities, pharmaceutical industry but also for the healthy and rapid development of the market has provided a guarantee.
The Asia-Pacific region holds the highest market share, compounded annual growth rate between 2019 and is expected to be 7.1% up. Compound annual growth rates will be 3.9% for the European area, mainly driven by Eastern European markets. Flexible packaging market with the most potential of the four countries are India, China, Russia and Brazil